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Write, The Right Tasks Down

There’s a bit of research available that claims writing down your goals, actually improves your chances of reaching them. I personally think that writing down my own goals has historically helped me find direction, when I had too much going on. Where I struggled wasn’t so much with writing down goals, but writing down the right tasks, to reach those goals.

Most often my To Do list would look something like this:

  • Make Grocery List
  • Check Kids Homework
  • Wash the Laundry
  • Let the Dog Out
  • Fix the Bathroom Light
  • Cook Dinner
  • Give the Baby a Bath…

I really didn’t have any problem getting through this To Do List on most days, but what would happen is that after I had worked through my list, I would lay down in bed and think…

“I didn’t workout today…”

“I didn’t do any better on trying to quit smoking…”

“I didn’t drink enough water…”

“I didn’t work on writing my book…”

“I didn’t move my goal forward…”

Basically, I had done all of the things I needed to do that day, which felt productive, but I didn’t actually get any closer to reaching any of my goals.

Now, don’t get me wrong. My kids homework needs checked, the laundry needs done, and I’ve got to make dinner. I’m not about to say those things don’t matter or don’t need done. That’s not where this is going.


What I am about to say, is that when I was writing my to do list, I was writing the wrong things down. By writing my day-to-day chores and responsibilities down, I was filling my mind, or rather, distracting my mind, from the bigger picture. I was busy thinking, “What do I need to do today” instead of thinking,

What do I need to do today that will get me somewhere in a year?

This is where the shift in mindset needs to be to really get on track for any goals you have. Don’t write down the things you already know you need to do. If you miss doing dishes one day, I promise you. I PROMISE YOU, you won’t care in 10 years.

But, if you keep doing your dishes everyday, instead of going to the gym, I PROMISE YOU, you will care about that in a year.

What I’ve found works best is to create a To Do list that focuses just on your goals and what you need to get done today to move your goals forward.

Completely eliminate anything that doesn’t directly relate to your goals.

  • Drink water
  • Plan some healthy grocery items
  • Workout
  • Write
  • Read
  • Practice a skill

These are the things that you want to be writing on your To Do list and by doing so, what I’ve found, is that I was able to focus on these things, get them done, and then still have time to do the dishes and make dinner.

I actually was more productive than I had been before, simply because I shifted the focus of what I needed to get done. I inadvertently put the priority on my goals and made them the number one thing to get done each day, instead of laundry.

If you’re looking for a deeper read on this topic check out my post – The “I HAVE To List” and let me know if this works for you!

How To Get More Done

Whenever we’re researching things online, and we’re trying to learn something new or trying to gain some insights into a topic, we always hope to come across the perfect article. The one that is the one stop shop, that’s going to have all the answers we need, in one place, and we’re usually willing to jump around, from source-to-source, as we search for it.

When a source does just seem to perfectly nail everything we’re looking to learn, it tends to bring us a lot of value. Value is the keyword here.

Someone spent time to create that source or article, whether employed or as a hobbyist, and it brought a lot of value to you. Things that tend to bring a lot of value, to a lot of people, also tend to be in good company with success.

If we think about how value relates to success, and that by creating value we can create success we can start to rethink how we set our to do list (which really should be an I HAVE To List…). A lot of times we tend to prioritize and keep track of items on our to do list that don’t really bring us great value.


When we’re working towards goals and trying to create success we want to try and identify where the value is in what we’re doing. The tricky part is that value has no one way to be defined. Sometimes things can seem like they should be bringing value, when they don’t. Other times the great value task is right in front of your face and you just can’t seem to grasp it or you’re hesitating to.

If you do find it difficult to identify what your high value tasks are, that will move you towards your goals, you can start by trying things.

That’s the secret right there.

Try more new things.

That’s really how you get more done. You try different things, and then you evaluate how much value they brought, to yourself and hopefully others because then that’s a double win.

You are never going to be able to predict, into the future, what all of the right choices are going to be, and which ones have the most value. The only way to figure out what has value is to start trying things.

That doesn’t mean we should take extreme actions, unless they’re positive ones, but we can still get trapped into doing all the reading and research we want on a topic or goal and still not be able to achieve it. We can think we have the perfect plan and that the problem isn’t with our strategy, but it’s with life… when it’s actually the other way around.

There is so much content available in this day and age for people to learn from. The problem is not all content is equal. We may find information we need or we may read something that isn’t even true. We might read something that just isn’t a good fit for our own life. The only way we can really know, is to try things.

By trying different strategies, different approaches, different techniques, different products, different everything, we get the advantage of collecting data that is exactly specific to our unique situation.

You can’t find that data any where else. No where else can you get data on how things do or don’t work best, for your life, for your career, for your family, than from your own self.


No matter how good at it you may already be, we should always be experimenting and re-evaluating how we’re trying to reach our goals. Life changes, pandemics happen, family changes, friends change, jobs change, and it’s not all bad or negative either. It’s just the fact that life is about change. Life wants to change and change and change. That’s just what it does.

If you want to figure out how to get more done you have to start experimenting with different actions. Take a different approach, adjust the current plan, or start with a completely new one. You may even go back to an older strategy, but be sure to always review how much value you’re getting.

If we try to employ one tactic or one strategy, that we learned somewhere in our lives, and we try to apply that strategy over-and-over, eventually… it’s going to fail. We can have a high value strategy that is very successful, but someday… it will fail. It’s just trying to identify when things has changed enough that the current strategy is no longer effective.

And the way you figure that out is by trying more new things.