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How to Reach your Goals in 24 Hours


It’s how many hours we each get in a day. Rich, poor, middle class. Black, White, Hispanic. Straight, gay, bi. We all get the same 24 hours.

We all get exactly the same amount of time to work with every day. No more and no less. Yet some people seem to get so much done while the rest of us are fighting to keep up. How do they do it? Is it because they have people to help them, trainers… chefs… assistants? Is that how they are doing it? If so, then how did they get to that point in the first place? Were they born with those trainers, chefs, and assistants?



The truth is, most people don’t start off getting everything done in a 24 hour period. The truth is, most people don’t get everything done in a 24 hour period but there is a key difference between the people we see with massive amounts of success and the every day joe.

That one key is consistency.

You see most of the time, when we see someone with massive success we are seeing them at their peak. Think about it, when we’re inspired by an athlete or a musician, an action star or a politician, a motivational speaker or an author we are seeing them at their peak moment. The moment where they’ve finally reached great levels of success.

How many people knew J.K. Rowlings before Harry Potter? How many people knew Taylor Swift before 1989? How many people knew Steph Curry before 2015? It’s not to say that these people were completely unknown, but they weren’t household names prior to these moments.

photo cred: Dominic Hampton

What we’re not seeing though is how they got to those moments. We don’t see their 24 hours, every day that led up to those moments. But if you take the time to look at their 24 hours leading up to those massive successes you’ll notice some similarities.

  1. They weren’t perfect. They had off days, but they showed up every day.
  2. They had drive. They kept trying and trying and trying. Every 24 hours.
  3. They didn’t waste their 24 hours. They didn’t say, “gosh I need a break.”
  4. They put in the work, every 24 hours.

They did all of this before the trainers, before the assistants, and before the chefs. They did it even when they could have been watching netflix or going out partying. They did it even when they could have been playing video games or napping. They put in the work for a full 24 hours every day.

photo cred: Markus Spiske

And that is the secret hard truth to getting it all done in 24 hours. It’s about sleeping less, playing less, and working more and for some that sounds unenjoyable. For some, people say, “well I don’t want to live that kind of life that sounds miserable” but I think this is the mistake most people make. They equate hard work to not being enjoyable. They think that life is about comfort. That it’s about avoiding hard work and then they can’t figure out why they feel a sense of unfulfilled potential.

But I think if you asked Taylor Swift if she has fun writing her music she would say yes. If you asked J.K Rowling if she had fun writing her book, she would say yes. If you asked Steph Curry if he has fun practicing basketball, he would say yes.


So when you look at what you want to do with your 24 hours and how you can manage to get it all done, if you’re thinking it all looks like a lot of miserable work, then you’re probably going to wind up on the couch again. If you can look at what you’re doing in your life and remember why you enjoy it, why you got started with it, you’ll be right on track to be in line with some of the greatest!

You Make the Time

We so often have goals and dreams we are actively striving to accomplish. That new project we want to take on that gets us excited and fired up or that new house we’ve been saving for and can’t wait to move in to. Our goals of weight loss and making it big or landing that new job and writing that book.

It’s in our nature to set these targets for ourselves, whether we do it consciously or subconsciously, and to work towards them. Setting the goal is never quite as hard as getting it done is. It’s easy for us to say we want to lose weight or that we want to finish that great new project idea we had. But in practice, it’s oh so much harder to get it done.

Often times we get into a situation where we start on our goals. We start working out, we start eating better, or writing a few pages for our book. But after a few days something comes up, something gets in the way. We have a bad day or life throws too much at us and blocks us from working towards our goal. Pretty soon life has taken over and we stand no chance.

Well that’s what we feel like anyways…

The reality is that we’ve let life win. The truth is that we aren’t too busy or too bogged down with too much to do. The truth is that we lack the ability to double down and get shit done. We lack the responsibility to stay focused and accomplish our goals no matter what. When you look around at those who have accomplished great things you’ll notice that they MAKE things happen. When life throws them a curve ball, they say, “oh well” and they keep on trucking towards the finish line.

photo cred: Anne Nygard

The biggest mistake I heard from myself was, “man I wish there were more hours in the day” and I used to say this to myself all the time. With three kids, a full time job, a small development studio, and my own person hobbies, this was me 100%. I had so much to do that I just didn’t have time to really work towards any of my goals. That’s what I would tell myself….

And I hear so many other people say the same thing, “There’s not enough time in the day” or “If only I didn’t have so much to do already.” And the hard truth about it. The real hard truth, is that those are bullshit excuses. They’re excuses for us to give ourselves a chance to rest. We say these things so that the responsibility, the fault of our failure, is pushed off to something else and we sit back and blame time. Time is the reason I can’t achieve what I want. It’s times fault.

Yet we jump online, we open up social media, and we see some wildly successful person out there doing it, getting it done, and we say, “wow how lucky they are.” We say, “it must be nice to have maids or coaches or assistants. If I had those I could be successful too because I’d have more time.”

And it’s just not true.

photo cred: Aron Visuals

If you want to accomplish your goals. If you want to lose weight or develop that next app. You HAVE to MAKE time. You HAVE to find a spot in your day, every day, and you HAVE to MAKE time. You have to set aside this chunk of time and you have to say, “this is when I am going to work towards my goal and I’m going to do it every day. No matter what. No matter what life throws at me. No matter what happens during the day, how good or bad my day was. No matter what, I am going to make this happen every single day.”

When you MAKE time, you make things happen.

And this goes beyond your goals. This goes farther than just your own selfish expectations. MAKE time for your kids. MAKE time for your family. MAKE time for your friends. MAKE time to contribute to your community. Stop sitting around watching Netflix, playing video games, and scrolling through social media and MAKE TIME.