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The Two Rare Skills You Need To Be Wildly Successful

There’s a lot of things out there to learn in life.

I remember being fresh out of high school and changing my major about 500 different times never really knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I felt like I had to find the right skillset or I wouldn’t be setup to be successful later in life. Unfortunately, the skillsets you need to actually be successful in life aren’t even taught in the class room.

For anyone out there reading this and trying to figure out how to be successful at what they’re doing, understand that it has nothing to do with what you’re actually doing. The two skills that you need to truly be successful can be applied to any job, any relationship, and any situation. They are the secrets to success.

Skill #1

photo cred: Moritz Mentges

The first skill is the most important one. It’s the one that actually creates action and makes things happen. Skill #1 is Work Ethic.

Work ethic means that if you put in the hours, you put in the work, you collect feedback, and you take time to learn, you will find success. Work ethic is the number one ingredient to making things happen.

Life is often times like a set of dominos except every so many dominos gets bigger and harder to fall over. Each time you knock down a domino, a couple of them fall, but then they get stuck on a domino that is even bigger than the others. That’s when you have to come along and work to make that next domino fall.


And they don’t just keep falling for you. That’s a trick that a lot of people fall in to. They think they can just work hard for a few days, a few weeks, a few months, and then dominos will just keep falling, but that’s just not how it works. Your domino’s will stop falling and you will have to go put in more work to make the next one fall.

Skill #2

photo cred: Nathan Dumlao

The second skill goes right along with the first. It’s what keeps us honest and balanced and it’s life’s way of making sure you earn what you get. The second skill is Patience.

We live in such a, “give it to me now” society and we’re so used to instant gratification. We want to do one workout, one little project, one day of hard work, and then expect the lavish rewards. Life doesn’t reward you for one single great effort. Life rewards you for consistency. You can’t go to the gym once and get in shape, you have to do it every day, over-and-over and to get to that point, you have to be patient.

Lacking patience is what makes people quit too soon. The lack of patience has people hitting the gym for a week and then giving up because they don’t see any difference on the scale without realizing how close they really are to getting there.


Try to understand that life is longer than you think. All of that, life is short talk that you see online is garbage. It’s just another marketing point to get you to spend money. “Life is short, take the vacation…” but the truth is, life is pretty fucking long. You literally spend years of it drinking and partying (aka college) and then come out the other side 10 years later with a job and a family.

Life is long, be patient with your goals and with yourself.

If you take these two skillsets and you mix them together you have everything that you need to be successful. Don’t expect to put in 1 day of hard work and reach your dreams. You haven’t earned it and it wouldn’t be fair to anyone else that had. Life rewards you with what you deserve. Work hard, be patient, and reach a point where life has no choice but to reward you.

Hunger Up!

Five weeks ago I was sitting around… laying around… trying to figure out a way to reach my goals.

Should I try this new productivity system? Should I just write down my top three things to get done for the day? Or what about doing a little bit here and then doing a little bit there?


No… Maybe I can just focus on this one thing and that will work…

But it didn’t…

None of it worked…

It’s ridiculous how much of the last 6-7 years of my life I’ve been trying to find a way to be both happy and successful.

I could be happy, sitting around, binge watching TV shows, and smashing Dr. Peppers. Have a couple of beers and destroy a cheeseburger or two. The thing I realize now though, is that each of those little pleasures was always so short lived.

photo cred: Szabo Viktor

Yea they were fun, sure they made me happy, but as soon as they were over, so was the joy they brought me.

I could flip the switch though, right? I could say okay, “Today I’m going to just try to have one less soda” or “Today I’m going to eat a salad.” And I could do those things. I mean those aren’t challenging goals.

But the next day, I couldn’t repeat it. Like most people, I couldn’t show up day-after-day and so while maybe I could have one good day, I couldn’t find long-term success.

But here’s the secret… here’s the secret sauce to what changed all of that for me. The problem…?

I wasn’t hungry.


Not just hungry, I wasn’t starving.

Think about it. Who works harder for a meal. The guy that’s hungry or the guy that’s starving? That was me. I was hungry for more happiness… more success… but I was not starving for it.

I changed all that by defining, not just Why I was hungry, but Why I was starving.

Once I started looking at my goals from the perspective of starving for them. Everything changed. Instead of thinking, “what’s that next little bit I can do today?” I started thinking, “how much more can I do today?” I got so damn hungry that I felt like I was starving for it.

So sit your ass down, get out a piece of paper and pencil, and write down what you need to do today. Write right down Why you want to accomplish it. Write down Why you’re starving to get it done.

Then Hunger Up and go fucking get it!

photo cred: Randy Tarampi