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Hole.. Eee… Smokes… What a closer!

I did not see that final scene coming from even a mile away. I just simply did not put two and two together until the final unveil. I think the biggest part that threw me off was how things aligned in the Star Wars timeline but let’s start from the beginning.

Mando and crew start off chasing down and capturing the head scientist we saw a few episodes back, that was working for Moff Gideon. It’s the same scientist that was directly involved in attempting to get little midichlorians out of Grogu. Capturing him gives Mando’s team a good plan to move forward with on how to ambush Moff Gideon’s ship.

Before heading off, Mando recruits Bo Katan and her sidekick for a little extra fire power. Their plan is pretty straight forward. Bo Katan and team will disguise themselves as an Imperial transport under fire from Boba Fett. Once aboard Gideon’s ship they’ll head for the bridge to capture Moff Gideon.

While she is raising a ton of hell, Mando will take a slight detour and attempt to shut down the Dark Troopers (the robot dudes that captured Grogu) and then head to rescue Grogu himself.


The plan kicks off successfully with Boba chasing the imposter Imperial transport ship holding Mando and crew right into the Moff’s ship. Once on board Boba quickly jumps to lightspeed and it’s up to Mando and crew to complete the mission.

Bo Katan and co immediately step foot off of their ship and begin to raise hell. Moff Gideon is aware he’s been tricked and sends the signal to fire up the Dark Troopers. While Bo’s team is working their way towards the bridge with some epic shoot outs, Mando begins sneaking his way towards his own objective.

As Mando nears the Dark Troopers he’s not quite quick enough and before he can close the blast doors preventing the troopers from making their way to Bo Katan one of them slips through and it becomes Mando vs Dark Trooper.

We’re quickly shown the power of even a single Dark Trooper as it begins to pummel Mando. If not for Mando’s near indestructible Beskar armor he would have quickly been beaten to death (as shown by a number of punches Mando takes to the head).

Mando pulls out all of the stops to defeat the Dark Trooper and in the end uses the Beskar spear he previously acquired, to defeat the enemy. Soon after he ejects the remaining Dark Troopers from the ship and moves towards rescuing Grogu.

At the same time Bo Katan and team move in to capture the bridge. They blast their way in and eliminate all of the enemy troopers but Moff Gideon is no where to be found. As Mando rounds the corner to Grogu’s holding cell and enters he comes face-to-face with the Moff himself.

Moff is seen holding Grogu hostage with the Dark Saber and Mando is left with no option but to attempt to negotiate. Moff Gideon tells Mando that Bo Katan is only after the Dark Saber so that she can claim Manda’lore and that he’s already got what he wants from Grogu. Gideon agrees to let both Grogu and Mando go free if he can keep the saber.

As Mando reaches for Grogu, Moff Gideon strikes and an epic battle ensures. Mando and Gideon fight Dark Saber against Beskar spear but Mando is simply too much for the Moff and takes him hostage. Mando joins Bo Katan and crew at the bridge with the Moff in tow as his prisoner.


Before anyone can celebrate a number of alarms begin to emit from within the bridge as the Dark Troopers begin to return. The troopers start heading for the bridge and considering the fight a single trooper put up against Mando, the group appears to be trapped…

As the Dark Troopers attempt to force their way into the bridge a lone X-Wing flies past and boards the star ship. Over a series of security cameras we only see a green lightsaber slicing it’s way through Dark Troopers heading towards the bridge. If you recall, Grogu previously reached out with the force in an attempt to contact any other Jedi and it looks like one did indeed hear the call.

As the Jedi nears the bridge Mando’s team waits in anticipation. When the dust settles and the Jedi appears we learn that it is non-other than a young Luke Skywalker!

After a bit of fan service, Luke takes Grogu leaving things open ended with where Mando will head to next. However, Mando does have the Dark Saber which technically means he can claim the throne of Manda’lore. We’ll have to see what happens next in the Mando timeline….

If you stuck around to watch the closing credits you also got a sneak peek at where our buddy Boba Fett is headed. It looks like he’ll get his own spin off show as well titled, ‘The Book of Boba‘ and I can’t freaking wait!

Director Jon Favreau has given the ol’ Marvel spin on Star Wars. With a mix of fan service and creative action scenes he’s managed to revive the Star Wars universe far beyond what Rian Johnson or J.J. Abrams were able to do. With a number of new Star Wars shows coming up and the awesome tie-ins between each of them we are in for quite a few years of great content from Disney and team in the Star Wars universe!


The Good, the Bad, and the Awesome!

For the first time in a while, no Baby Yoda, but we did get to see a familiar face in Mayfield. What I really wish was we had his over-the-shoulder gun again because let’s be honest, that was pretty bad ass.

The tie fighter graveyard to start the episode was a stark reminder of where the universe is left, in the aftermath of the previous wars and man do I love seeing Boba Fett in these episodes. Hiss armor looks much cleaner now but it would be nice to see him ditch the robe.

photo cred: M8 Head

As for the Mayfield character, I wasn’t really excited to see him. I mean yea, loved the over-the-shoulder firearm but overall, not a big fan of the character. Was happy to see him go by the episodes end.

The trip into the Imperial base wasn’t all that exciting for me but I always enjoy the fan service, such as the use of thermal detonators. It was pretty obvious Mando and Mayfield were going to get some assistance just before reaching the base but I wasn’t expecting it to come from the tie fighters (was expecting the Slave I to swoop in) so it was cool and unexpected twist. It also create an interesting scenario where the bad guys were helping the good guys.

What’s really interesting in this episode is that we are starting to see a new Mando. Mayfield specifically calls him out in this regard referring to how people change their rules when they are in a pinch. Mando taking off his helmet for the first time this season was a significant moment for his character and makes me wonder if we’ll see more of that in season 3.

It was intriguing to watch Mayfield talk with his commanding officer but I felt like it was a little bit of a stretch for him to go AWOL and then for them to escape. I wouldn’t say it was an easy escape but it felt like if you shot a commanding officer in an Imperial base, getting out would be a little more difficult… Well I guess you could blame that storm trooper accuracy.


I want to pause for a second to note the bomb that was deployed by Boba Fett. This was the same style of bomb that Boba’s father, Jango Fett deployed on Obi-wan during the Attack of the Clones. It’s one of my favorite explosives in all of the fantasy content I’ve seen. You just can’t beat the sound effects on that thing!

My biggest disappointment is how short this episode is with the last two episodes coming in at around 30 minutes or so. I would really like to see these episodes push closer to the hour mark and maybe just bring a little more meat into the dialog and character development. It sometimes feels like we’re moving to fast in this regard.

The closing scene showing Mando making his threat to Moff Gideon was great. We usually don’t see Mando try to be such a hard ass. He tends to try and play it neutral so it’s great when he muscles up on someone. I am a little confused on what his attachment is to Gorgu though. I mean, in the Ahsoka episode he was ready to hand him off, now he’s super attached to him?

I’m not sure I’m fully sold on that story line but I’m enjoying each episode despite that. Hoping season two closes out with an absolute banger of an episode and we get some more episode length in season 3.

I still haven’t had my epic space battle yet either damnit!


Not a bad entrance at all.

Finally we get some Jedi time… Don’t get me wrong, I love that we’re in the bounty hunters world, but a jedi or sith here and there mixes things up. Reminds us that our character isn’t the most powerful being in the universe, but those quick shots there at the end, show us why he’s still a bad ass.

I really enjoyed watching Ahsoka’s hit-n-run fighting style. It was a new flavor of fighting that we haven’t seen much of in the Mandalorian. It’s great that we can have some change of pace and not every episode is a western style shoot-out (still love those too though). The way we only see Ahsoka’s saber’s light up through the fog before she drops another solider shows a fantastic level of creativity. It added some realism to how she is able to take on so many enemies at once.

forest covered with fogs
photo cred: Eric Muhr

And let’s not forget little baby yoda just wanting his knobby knob… oh my bad I mean Grogu… Is it just me or was this episode on overload for new information? Let’s break it down a little bit first because there’s still a lot of new content.

So Mando arrives on a desolate planet looking for the Jedi. The local imperial leader tries to hire him to hunt down the Jedi and points Mando in the right direction.

Long story short Mando finds Ahsoka Tano and they fight for like half a second. During that fight Mando blocks her light sabers with his armor!!! I didn’t realize beskar armor was that tough and it makes me realize even more that Mando is just like a living turtle… lol… with a blaster…

white daisy flowers in bloom during daytime
photo cred: Sindy Strife

I did find it odd that Mando knew her name right out the gate. Like… was he planning that name drop for a while or… anyways…

Mando and Ahsoka head back into town and basically kick some ass like you would expect. They defeat the imperials but we learn that Ahsoka is looking for Grand Admiral Thrawn who is another character from “legacy” Star Wars. It seems like we’re going to get a lot of fan service going forward on Mandalorian episodes. We’ll have to see how it plays out but so far it’s been subtle enough to work.

Although we only caught quick glimpses of Ahsoka’s lightsaber’s the curved styling of them was a fresh take on the typical lightsaber hilts we see on the big screen. I do sort of wish Ahsoka had agreed to train Grogu, it kind of seemed like she shit on Mando’s deal and he was just like, “Thank You.” Well it for sure seems like we’ll get some more Ahsoka in the future.


What I really want to know is… what’s Mando going to build with his armor?!? I mean he’s already pretty solid. I don’t think he’s taken a single injury this season. I’m curious to see how they use the beskar and I really hope it’s not just something they pass off in some crap trade either. Oh and one last thought… what Jedi (or Sith) is going to come to Grogu….

All-in-all, I think this was the best episode so far. I was pretty happy to finally get to see a lightsaber!


Hello Miss Dune.

It’s really great to see some familiar faces in episode 4 and I really wish we could get more Cara Dune. I think her character has a lot of potential to make some additional appearances and she’s a great all around bad ass. Her close quarters combat is a great change of pace for the more western shootouts we typically see and it makes sense considering the actress is a former mixed martial artist.

At this point I wanted to share a great tweet by the one and only Elon Musk in which he noted what else do Gamer Jedi use their Force powers for other than getting snacks. Unfortunately, it’s since been deleted, but I did find a screen grab for you viewing pleasure:

Moving on…

We once again get to see Mando’s craftiness on display as the team attempts to infiltrate an Imperial base. Instead of waiting around for the elevator to be hacked Mando fires off his jet boosters and heads up to the top of the base to dish out some Mandalorian bubble gum. I’m really enjoying this take on the character and letting him drive his own narrative in the story.

I have to ask though… did we really need the blue guy for this episode? I could have done without him to be honest…

But the cats out of the bag for Moff Gideon now. Mando no longer thinks he’s dead (but none of us ever did) and should be on high alert at this point. The bigger question though is what is Moff Gideon up to?

A new breed of super clones? Maybe….

Force immune clones? Maybe…

We’ll have to wait to really see how it plays out but it sounds like he’s building himself a small army in an attempt to capture baby yoda which we still don’t know what for. Mando’s going to need some reinforcements soon if he’s ever going to stand a chance.

I was incredibly impressed with the speeder chase turned tie fighter chase turned aerial ass whopping that was the last part of the episode. The speeder chase started off really well and it was a great scene for the series over all. So often we see dialog and shootouts, so anytime we can get a high speed chase scene I’m all in!

Also can we talk about the turn around time on those ship repairs?!? Hot damn they had that thing looking top notch in a matter of hours… or did I suffer from a time lapse? Either way it’s awesome to see Mando’s ship back in good shape and hopefully for some more dog fights!

I’m looking forward to more action next week and really ramping up into the second half of the season. Overall the first half of the season has been fairly impressive so let’s see if the second half can out do itself!

Fun Friday: The Mandalorian (S2:E3)

Episode 3 packed much more of an action punch and gave us some great story points to start connecting the dots and getting into the overall story arch into place.

My first thought after a couple of minutes in was how bad Mando needs a new ship. It seems like that point is really being highlighted this season and I’m almost starting to suspect Mando will walk out of season two with a brand new ship much like he walked out of season one with new armor. If that is the case, we might have to wait until season 3 before we start seeing some bad ass dog fights… damnit…

I’m starting to notice that every time I watch an episode I can’t help but tie it back to some other movie franchise… first Tremors, then Alien, now Pirates of the Caribbean. Is anyone else seeing the trend here…

Pirates of the Caribbean villains: the 8 best baddies, ranked

Oh and also, fuck those squid dudes. I was already getting pretty sus about them and then they knocked little baby yoda in! Mando tried to do his thing but ultimately was screwed and then BAM! More Mando’s show up and start kicking ass!

I loved seeing the additional Mandalorians show up and I like the idea of various Mandalorian flavors. The blue armor was a nice touch and their helmets were some of the best I’ve seen so far. Also, another action packed scene!

The ‘commandeering‘ of the Imperial ship, pirate reference there, was a great scene all around. It’s about time we had some sustainable action and while I love lil baby yodie he does make it difficult for Mando to fully flex. We got a nice reminder of just how durable Mando’s armor is and a second reminder that stormtroopers still can’t aim for shit, unless you have great armor.


The grittier spin on the Empire was great to see as well. I mean we’ve all seen the Empire shoot their own guys before but typically we see the Empire be actual cowards when push comes to shove. I like the idea that they are willing to kamikaze in the name of the Empire. The kill-pill was icing on the cake.

So now I have even more questions. What’s up with the Dark Saber? How did the Empire get it and how did the Mandalorians lose it?

Oh and let’s not forget the Jedi that was watching Mando at the very beginning of the scene and the fact that every Mandalorian takes off their helmet. Will we ever see our Mando without his helmet again? Honestly I hope not but I’m really looking forward to seeing what Episode 4 has in store next week!

Fun Friday: The Mandalorian (S2:E1)

Feels like a parsec since we last saw Mando but damn it feels good to be back! Episode 1 didn’t give us any big plot points but it did entertain and even surprised in a couple of places. Jon Favreau does know how to tell a story on the screen.

One of the most obvious points I can make is that we’re going to see a lot more of what a bigger budget can get us. From the character costumes and set designs to the special effects and quality of cinematography, season 2 is going to leave season 1 in the dust, so to speak.

Which means we should see some better fight sequences and hopefully… hopefully… some great space battles. At times I caught myself thinking, “man if only they had this technology back when they made the originals…” But hey, I’m not complaining. I really felt back in the Star Wars/Mandalorian universe.


The opening fight sequence was a good start but really left me wanting more. I appreciated the nods to the new armor set though and enjoyed seeing how Mando makes use of it. It’s a lot of fun watching him use his gear so I’m really hoping they continue to play into him upgrading his armor set, tools, and weapons.

Speaking of armor… and a little fan service… the Boba Fett call out raises a ton of questions. Did he not sit in the belly of the Sarlacc for thousands of years? How did the Jawas get his armor? How do you find rockets for that thing and did Boba not know how to use them in Return of the Jedi?!?!

Was anyone else waiting for Kevin Bacon to show up and tell all the sand people not to move? How many of those guys got sacrificed to that Krayt Dragon… and how did they decide who would go try to call that monster out?!

I really couldn’t help but think it was just a… BIG… ALASKAN… BULL WORM!!!

Alaskan Bull Worm by Anarchrist17 on DeviantArt
photo cred: SpongeBob

In all seriousness though, I was impressed with how it ended. I half expected the bombs going off on the beasts belly to be the end of it. I was happy to see the original plan fall through and to watch Mando have to freestyle his way to victory. I think this is where the Mandalorian really shines. Everything goes to hell and he’s got to think on his feet with the tools he’s got at hand. It was fun to watch.

Did anyone else notice Mando looks a little beefier this season?

Did anyone catch if it’s still Pedro Pascal playing the role or if/when he cut ties with season 2? Was really bummed to hear of the issues they were having. Loved him in GoT!


Overall I thought it was a solid season opener. The fight and battle scenes were a solid start and it’s always great to see a flamethrower or two. I am a little worried about falling into a trap where we see side story after side story with out any real overall plot movement. Hopefully episodes two and three can start building us more into the plot of season 2.

Let me know what you thought of episode 1 and who the hell that guy was at the end!?!?

The Boys are back in Town!!

The Boys is a new series on Amazon about what life would be like if Superheroes were more… flawed…

The season 2 finale is out today and I’ve yet to watch it, (so don’t ruin it for me!) but if you haven’t caught The Boys yet let me give you a little bit of background as to why my wife and I are catching new episodes every Friday.

The Boys is based on a comic book series that portrays a group of ragtag vigilantes that take on The Seven, a group of seven of the most powerful Superheroes in the world who abuse their powers. It currently holds an 8.7 rating on IMDb with a 90% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


The show centers around a small group of average people known as The Boys who have been affected by superheroes in some way. Whether that’s because one of the Supes was careless during a rescue and someone died or because a Supe screwed them over (literally…) at some time. And Yes that’s Supe, like soup….

The main Supes are a part of “The Seven” and consist of Homelander – a sort of Superman spin-off, Starlight – probably the only good supe in the Seven, Black Noir – who is just a straight up mystery all around but most comparable to Batman, Queen Maeve – who reminds me a lot of a classic Xena Warrior Princess… The Deep – whose only power is to talk to fish. Really I don’t even know how The Deep is even in this group… A-Train – the fastest man on the planet aka the Flash, and Translucent – who has invincible skin that makes him invisible.

Amazon's superhero show The Boys: Cast, plot, sequel news - CNET

And each of these characters has some serious flaws. Homelander constantly teeters on the edge of insanity while trying to portray this wholesome image to the public but secretly being twisted in private. It’s like you watch every episode waiting for him to just lose his patience and use his laser eyes to mass murder a group of people. Seriously, I’m waiting for him to snap off and the show to take a completely different direction. We’ll see if it happens…

Then there’s A-Train whose battling to try and stay relevant as he starts aging and losing his title as the Fastest Man on the planet. This pushes him to the limit as he desperately tries to do everything he can to maintain that title, including getting into drugs and using them as a form of steroids to improve his performance.


The most intriguing part of the show is watching the various characters as the wrestle with their identities. Both the Supes and The Boys (the normal guys) go back and forth trying to determine which side is really the right side. The line is blurred all the way through the show as each of them make choices that push them back and forth between good and evil. It’s a very blurred line on which characters are on the right side of the fight and it’s great to watch them unfold throughout the story.

By far my favorite character is not even one of the Supes but Billy Butcher. The leader of the guerilla group of normal people trying to take The Seven down. His colorful language and thick accent make him a riot and badass on screen.

Who's behind The Boys' mind-blowing twist?

If you’re looking for a new show to get hooked on during quarantine or you’ve got that superhero itch until the next superhero movie hits the big screen, I highly recommend The Boys!