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How to Get More Out of Everything

How many people have woken up on a Monday before work and thought, “Ugh… here we go…” How many people have looked in the mirror and thought, “Ugh… why can’t I just look like them…” How many people have looked at their partner and thought, “Ugh… why can’t you be a better husband/wife…” How many people have taken their kids somewhere and thought, “Ugh… why can’t you kids just be good…

It happens all the time, in all facets of life. We’re dealt a shitty hand and no matter what we do, things just don’t seem to ever get better. We’re stuck in a job we’re unhappy with. We can’t see how some people are so blessed to be skinny and in shape while the rest of us are cursed with extra weight. We’re stuck in a relationship with a partner that doesn’t deserve us or we’re unlucky enough to have kids that just won’t listen.


And no matter what we try, these situations never seem to improve. Our job throws us another curveball each week just piling it on. Then we’re so burnt out and exhausted from the day we’ve only got enough time to get dinner and take a few minutes to rest at night. Our partner can’t seem to understand how rough our day is and our kids can’t keep quiet long enough so we can just get a minute to clear our minds.

It feels as if everything is constantly acting against us.

photo cred: Nik Shuliahin

The truth is…

You’re getting out of life, exactly what you’re putting in.

And for some people, that’s a tough pill to swallow. For some, they’ll read that and instantly say, “Bullshit! I bust my ass everyday” or “I try all the time with my husband/wife/kids” but I’m here to tell you, it’s not enough.

It really does not matter what you think about the job you’re doing and how well you think you’re performing. It really does not matter what you think about how good of a job you’re doing.

What matters is the results. So ask yourself, has what you’ve done worked? Hmm? Has, “busting your ass” worked for you?” Has, “trying all the time” worked with your husband/wife/kids? Have you achieved results?

The reason you haven’t achieved results is because you haven’t put in enough. It’s that straight forward. If you want to stop waking up on Monday and feeling like, “Ugh…” then you need to put more into your job. You need to go up in there, sit down, and be the most bad ass employee in that place. Get shit done, go the extra mile, help other people out, and flat out be a boss. Try it. Do it for one day and tell me how you feel.

photo cred: Jordan Whitfield

Can’t seem to lose your weight or get in shape? Put more into your diet and exercise. MAKE TIME to do it. Start meal prepping, start walking, start exercising, put more into it. Do it for one day and tell me how you feel.

Stuck feeling like your partner in your relationship isn’t acting right? Maybe you feel like they’re not trying hard enough or at all? Maybe you feel like your relationship has gone stale. PUT MORE INTO IT. MAKE TIME for them. Love them. Even if they don’t return that love. Love them anyways. Are you with them only because they love you? Or are you with them because you love them? Do it for one day and tell me how you feel.


Do you feel like you’re struggling to get your kids to listen? To get them to do their homework, brush their teeth, to behave? MAKE TIME for them. Take them to the park. Sit down with them and do their homework with them. Instead of yelling at them or sighing and saying it’s just the way they are. Spend time talking to them about their behavior. Put more into it. Do it for one day and tell me how you feel.

If you’re not happy with a situation in your life it comes right down to what you’re putting into it. You get out what you put in.

If you’re not happy with what you’re getting out, then you need to be putting more in.

You Get Out What You Put In.