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Promote the World

This is the second piece of a two part series. Once we have become strong swimmers it is our responsibility to help save others who may be drowning.

In my last piece I discussed how important it was to promote yourself. Especially if what you are doing is positive and extends a positive message or sets a positive example. If something you do in your daily life, either as your job or for a hobby, is positive it is your responsibility to share that shit with the world.

It is incredibly valuable to not only do good things, but to share those good things with others. If you look around at mainstream media… social media… shit any media. How many positive role models do you see?

It’s incredibly important that when you are doing something positive that you share it with the world. You never know when a post or message that you share will become the inspiration for someone else.

photo cred: Kelly Sikkema

But it’s not just enough to promote yourself. Success doesn’t come to those who only promote themselves. It just doesn’t. It never will. Promoting yourself and yourself alone will give you some short-term victories but in the long run, it will fizzle out. Setting the example will only take you so far.

Real success is found in things that benefit the whole. The team as a whole… the world as whole… the family as a whole. Long lasting success isn’t going to come from just sharing your own wins and victories.

Long lasting success is going to come from what value you provide back to the team… the world.. your family. Long-term success is going to come down to how much you promote others. How much you give back out to the world that you’re asking to put back in to you.


You see when it’s only about you, and you alone, what tends to happen is you gain a little bit of success and then something comes along and punches you in the mouth and knocks you down. Adversity shows up and most of the time adversity is bigger than you. Adversity squashes you and sits you back down. And you go back to being the same, unsuccessful person you always were.

This is why people fail at their small businesses, their workouts, their goals. They fail because when adversity comes along, it was only ever about them.

But when you do things for others. When you go out and promote others, when you jump into the comments on someone else’s post whose trying to get back in shape, or you send a like or a share to someone whose battled a difficult situation. When you reach out to someone through a direct message and check-in with them. It matters.

It matters.

It makes a fucking difference.

Don’t tell me it doesn’t. Don’t tell me that when you post or you share something out to the world and somebody responds to you with positivity and promotes and supports you on that, that it doesn’t make you feel like you’re on the right path. That it doesn’t fill you with even more motivation and acceptance and satisfaction. Don’t tell me it doesn’t.

It does matter. It matters to a lot of people in a lot of ways. It has a greater impact than just setting the example. It has a longer lasting impact, than just sharing a cool tweet or post of your expensive dinner.

When you go out a promote and support others in the missions they’re on in life. It makes all the difference in the world.

photo cred: Chris Curry

So go out and be successful. Go out and promote yourself. Share your brand, share your content, share yourself with the world. And then go and double down on giving back. Find others that are doing the same thing as you and support them. Buy their shit, share their posts, message them and tell them how fucking awesome they are for going out and doing their thing.

Be a good fucking person and go promote the world!

I guarantee you, that when you go out and provide value back into the world. You won’t have to look for success. Success will find you.


Promote Yo Self

This is the first piece to a two part series. It’s critically important that we learn to be strong swimmers for ourselves first, so that we may then help others who cannot be.

You’ve just picked up a new hobby, you’re not sure if it’ll be something you do forever but you’re enjoying it.

You’ve just completed a new project at work and you added in a couple of extra pieces that really put the icing on the cake but you don’t want to brag about it.

You’ve just finished a workout that you really had to push through to get done. But you’re not where you want to be in your fitness journey.


We all have these great, positive moments in our lives. There are plenty of them. Times where we look at ourselves and the work we completed and we feel like we did a solid job. We feel good about it… but not really good enough to share it with others… we know we did good… but then again, not that good….

We’re afraid that maybe someone will take a shot at our ego or that we’ll share it and not even get noticed at all. We’re afraid we may share something and not follow through on it and that others may judge us for that. We’re afraid of what the world might actually think about us. So we hold back.

I know this because I used to think and feel this way. Often times I would second guess whether or not I wanted to post something because I was worried people might think it was dumb. I was worried people would think, “Why do I even care…” or “OMG… stop posting shit…

So I would try to be very choosey about what I posted and shared. If I knew it wasn’t going to be something really great, I would often times just skip out on sharing it.

photo cred: NeONBRAND

When I really looked back and reflected on this, I realized it all came down to my personal ego. I was afraid my own ego would take the hit. That I would look ridiculous or be judged. What I didn’t realize was how incredibly selfish that was.

This is one of the biggest mistakes people are making on a daily basis. And most of the time, we’re avoiding sharing these personal wins because we’re afraid of criticism.

You see I used to think that I was always posting and sharing for myself. I was sharing things that were funny or that people would want to see because it would be a boost to my own ego.

I wasn’t sharing anything really personal or that even really mattered. I was just sharing what I thought might get me a couple of likes. It wasn’t that I did this intentionally, I think it just sort of happens to most of us subconsciously, but it still happens.

And if not, we see people that never post at all. Never a thing. They’re on social media. They view other people’s posts. But they never put themselves out there. They never really open up and share anything… and this is just as selfish as wanting to do it for our own gain. We all have something we can share with the world… but we still hold back…


What I’ve come to learn on my journey here is how wrong I was. Not about sharing or posting, but about Why I was sharing and posting. I came to realize that we shouldn’t be sharing and posting things about ourselves on social media for our own gain. We should be sharing and posting on social media for others.

Our sharing shouldn’t be about the great vacation we went on, it should be about setting the example of spending quality time with your family. Our post shouldn’t be about the next thing we want to sell so we can make some extra cash. It should be about the next thing we want to help someone feel good wearing. What we’re sharing and posting shouldn’t be about what we want, it should be about how we can help others. And if there’s a little money in there, that’s okay. BUT it should start with others.

When you start sharing things about your life because you want to share it with others, not because you want to make a few extra bucks or because you want the boost to your ego, your approach completely changes. What you share and how you share becomes something totally different.

And if you want to know how to actually be successful in your life in anything you’re doing, it starts with other people!

So if you’re a dog groomer, post and share about all the dogs that come in! If you sell clothes, post and share about everyone that looks great in what you’re selling! If you play video games, post and share about the best tips and tricks! If you’re into food, share the best recipes and why they’re good!

Whatever it is that you do, FUCKING OWN IT.

photo cred: Brooke Lark

Share it with the world! Be proud of who you are and what you’re doing.

Own your struggles and mistakes and share those with the world. Stop trying to impress others with social media and start trying to help others by showing them your own journey.

You never know when your next post might be the post that inspires someone else to turn their life around. To be courageous like you. To not be ashamed of their passion or journey and to go out and inspire someone else like you did them.