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Rockets Need Rocket Fuel

It’s really that simple. Rockets don’t go no where without rocket fuel.

If you put some cheap little corner gas station fuel into a rocket, that rocket ain’t reaching the moon…

This is exactly how your body and mind work. If you want to perform, compete, and accomplish at a higher level, you HAVE to put in top notch fuel. It’s really that simple.

Four weeks ago I was maybe eating breakfast… usually powering through my mornings on coffee alone. I maybe had lunch if I had some time for it and if I did it was just whatever. I usually just skipped out on lunch tbh, because I would hit that 2 PM downer and feel like I needed a nap if I did eat.


Dinner time would come around and I would eat with the family and then binge on junk food until I passed out. Cookies, chips, candy, a frozen pizza, maybe some pizza rolls…

And I’d kill that time with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, or Steam….

Then I’d sit around and try to figure out why I couldn’t get up early in the mornings. Why I never felt motivated to workout consistently. Why I never felt like I had any energy to do anything productive. Why I couldn’t accomplish anything I wanted to.

photo cred: Zhang Kenny


  • I eat 3 eggs, a bowl of oatmeal, have a coffee, and take vitamins in the morning.
  • Then I get in a 16oz glass of water and creatine with my workout.
  • I follow that up with a protein shake and a 12 grain slice of toast loaded with peanut butter.
  • Lunch is a steak or some type of fish with brown rice and cottage cheese.
  • I have an afternoon snack of a banana and mixed nuts
  • Then I do whatever the family does for dinner

Now don’t think I’ve reached some perfect diet of eating nasty brown rice and blah, blah, blah… that’s not it. I still have candy (Swedish Fish are the shit) and we eat out for dinner plenty (Sam’s Too chicken alfredo pizza…) but I am way more fueled than I ever was before.

And to get from there to here wasn’t as hard as it looks. It was actually quite simple because it was all about committing to small changes. Little Victories and changes in my diet, one week at a time got me from there to here.


My first week I decided that if I wanted to get in better shape. If I wanted to accomplish more, then I was going to HAVE To eat 3 eggs every morning. I committed to it like there was no other option. I didn’t say that I should do it or that it would be a good idea. No. I flat out said to myself, “Look you lazy piece of shit… get your lazy ass together and go make 3 fucking eggs! It’s really not that hard so stop bitching about it and just do it. You HAVE TO DO IT.”

And I did it… I just didn’t give myself any other option. And I got that Little Victory. So the next day I did it again. And I got that Little Victory. And I just did it again and again and again. Then the next week came and I said, “Okay, if I want to start building more muscle, I’ve got to get more protein in my diet.” So I added in peanut butter toast at mid-morning. I took the same approach with the eggs. I gave myself no other option, I HAD To get it done.

But what about second breakfast? - hobbits second breakfast | Meme Generator
photo cred: The Internet

And this whole process was self-empowering. The more I ate better, the more energy I had, the more I could get done, and the more I could push farther on my diet, my exercise, my work, my relationships, my family. It’s the god damn circle of life!

So… if you want to get more out of your day, your year, your life. Put top-notch fuel into your rocket. Fuel up, charge up, and give yourself the best advantage you can over everyone else. Don’t try to be perfect, don’t try to do it all together at once, but buckle down and get shit done.

Start today, right now, tell yourself you HAVE TO eat a salad for lunch today. Fucking do it! It’s a salad, it’s not that hard! Do it and get your first victory. Then go do it again tomorrow. Understand that you HAVE To do this if you want to do more and it all starts with Little Victories and telling yourself that you HAVE TO DO IT.