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Sticking It To Your Diet

We hear the word diet and we think, “Great… now I’ve got to eat tasteless, expensive crap…

That’s because a lot of times when we’re getting diet recommendations from people they’re pushing one of two things.

One, they tell you that you have to eat kale and chick peas or that you have to be low carb… you have to do paleo or you have to do Mediterranean…

OR two, the things they are pushing for you to eat in your diet are expensive AF. “Sign up to get meals delivered to your door for only $130 dollars a week.” Which can be just fine if you’re single and living alone… but if you’ve ever lived with a teenager… if you have more than 1 person in your household… this just isn’t even close to being possible.

photo cred: Thought Catalog

The other thing I find incredibly difficult with sticking to any diet is the amount of time it takes to prepare the meals. They say, “just spend your entire Sunday meal prepping and dirtying every dish in your house so you can save 20 minutes Monday thru Friday.”

I just haven’t found this to be something that I could stick to every Sunday. If I had a family event or if I needed to do yard work or a school project with my kids, I couldn’t find the time to do the meal prep. Which meant my whole week of dieting was shot.

Now not all of this is terrible advice, there’s a little bit of truth in all of it but the problem that all of these programs and systems miss is that they expect you to completely change your life in one day. They expect you to just go out, drop $150 bucks on foods you’ve never had before, blow away a Sunday afternoon preparing it and cleaning up, and then for you to change your weekly habit everyday of the week. That transition is not realistic at all.


So what can we actually do to make this change in our lives? How can we go from candy bars, chips, sodas, and fast food to vegetables, fruits, water, and healthy eating? Easy – Little Victories.

You see most of these diet programs exist to help you lose weight second and make money first. They are there to make money. They want you to subscribe to a program, buy a book, buy their food… give them money… and then if you are very strict, bam you’ll lose the weight (and have a lighter wallet).

When I realized how often these plans were not working for me I decided to take a completely different approach. Instead of trying to be a brand new person, with a brand new diet. I decided to start small. I picked one meal out of the day and focused on just that piece.

I typically didn’t eat breakfast. I’d skip the meal, wait until lunch time, eat something greasy or quick and then I’d hit 2 PM and I would be in snooze town… every day like clock work. I’d have dinner that night and then binge eat junk food until I passed out. I did this every day… for years…

But I started to make little changes. I started with the idea of where I wanted to ultimately go in my diet but I only tried to actually do the breakfast part. I knew I wanted to eat healthier in other parts of the day but I knew breakfast was the first chance I actually had to make a change.

At first, my body was like… “ugh… tf is this….” I could only eat like a bite of oatmeal or toast. That was literally all I could stomach in the mornings. But I just kept trying to eat a little more each day. I kept trying to get my daily Little Victory.

photo cred: Glenn Carstens-Peters

Pretty soon, after about 2 or 3 weeks. I was eating the whole bowl of oatmeal every day. A couple more weeks after that I was ready to up the challenge. So I added a morning snack. Just a piece of toast. Nothing fancy.

It started just like breakfast did too. At first I could only eat a couple of bites. After a while though, it was just a part of my diet.


And that’s really the key. Making these little changes and focusing on them 110% instead of trying to wake up and be a brand new person. Instead of spending all of this time and money trying to do something I’d never been able to accomplish before I just started with a very small part of it. It started with tiny little baby steps and it was so much easier to get myself to Be a Closer on eating oatmeal than it was to try and close out on some life-altering diet.

If you’re wanting to make changes in your lifestyle and diet but you’re still struggling, reach out to me! I’m not writing all of this so I can come back here and read it for myself. I’m doing it to help others learn what I’ve learned. Reach out to me, contact me, and let’s figure out a way!