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The Good, the Bad, and the Awesome!

For the first time in a while, no Baby Yoda, but we did get to see a familiar face in Mayfield. What I really wish was we had his over-the-shoulder gun again because let’s be honest, that was pretty bad ass.

The tie fighter graveyard to start the episode was a stark reminder of where the universe is left, in the aftermath of the previous wars and man do I love seeing Boba Fett in these episodes. Hiss armor looks much cleaner now but it would be nice to see him ditch the robe.

photo cred: M8 Head

As for the Mayfield character, I wasn’t really excited to see him. I mean yea, loved the over-the-shoulder firearm but overall, not a big fan of the character. Was happy to see him go by the episodes end.

The trip into the Imperial base wasn’t all that exciting for me but I always enjoy the fan service, such as the use of thermal detonators. It was pretty obvious Mando and Mayfield were going to get some assistance just before reaching the base but I wasn’t expecting it to come from the tie fighters (was expecting the Slave I to swoop in) so it was cool and unexpected twist. It also create an interesting scenario where the bad guys were helping the good guys.

What’s really interesting in this episode is that we are starting to see a new Mando. Mayfield specifically calls him out in this regard referring to how people change their rules when they are in a pinch. Mando taking off his helmet for the first time this season was a significant moment for his character and makes me wonder if we’ll see more of that in season 3.

It was intriguing to watch Mayfield talk with his commanding officer but I felt like it was a little bit of a stretch for him to go AWOL and then for them to escape. I wouldn’t say it was an easy escape but it felt like if you shot a commanding officer in an Imperial base, getting out would be a little more difficult… Well I guess you could blame that storm trooper accuracy.


I want to pause for a second to note the bomb that was deployed by Boba Fett. This was the same style of bomb that Boba’s father, Jango Fett deployed on Obi-wan during the Attack of the Clones. It’s one of my favorite explosives in all of the fantasy content I’ve seen. You just can’t beat the sound effects on that thing!

My biggest disappointment is how short this episode is with the last two episodes coming in at around 30 minutes or so. I would really like to see these episodes push closer to the hour mark and maybe just bring a little more meat into the dialog and character development. It sometimes feels like we’re moving to fast in this regard.

The closing scene showing Mando making his threat to Moff Gideon was great. We usually don’t see Mando try to be such a hard ass. He tends to try and play it neutral so it’s great when he muscles up on someone. I am a little confused on what his attachment is to Gorgu though. I mean, in the Ahsoka episode he was ready to hand him off, now he’s super attached to him?

I’m not sure I’m fully sold on that story line but I’m enjoying each episode despite that. Hoping season two closes out with an absolute banger of an episode and we get some more episode length in season 3.

I still haven’t had my epic space battle yet either damnit!

Fun Friday: The Mandalorian (S2:E3)

Episode 3 packed much more of an action punch and gave us some great story points to start connecting the dots and getting into the overall story arch into place.

My first thought after a couple of minutes in was how bad Mando needs a new ship. It seems like that point is really being highlighted this season and I’m almost starting to suspect Mando will walk out of season two with a brand new ship much like he walked out of season one with new armor. If that is the case, we might have to wait until season 3 before we start seeing some bad ass dog fights… damnit…

I’m starting to notice that every time I watch an episode I can’t help but tie it back to some other movie franchise… first Tremors, then Alien, now Pirates of the Caribbean. Is anyone else seeing the trend here…

Pirates of the Caribbean villains: the 8 best baddies, ranked

Oh and also, fuck those squid dudes. I was already getting pretty sus about them and then they knocked little baby yoda in! Mando tried to do his thing but ultimately was screwed and then BAM! More Mando’s show up and start kicking ass!

I loved seeing the additional Mandalorians show up and I like the idea of various Mandalorian flavors. The blue armor was a nice touch and their helmets were some of the best I’ve seen so far. Also, another action packed scene!

The ‘commandeering‘ of the Imperial ship, pirate reference there, was a great scene all around. It’s about time we had some sustainable action and while I love lil baby yodie he does make it difficult for Mando to fully flex. We got a nice reminder of just how durable Mando’s armor is and a second reminder that stormtroopers still can’t aim for shit, unless you have great armor.


The grittier spin on the Empire was great to see as well. I mean we’ve all seen the Empire shoot their own guys before but typically we see the Empire be actual cowards when push comes to shove. I like the idea that they are willing to kamikaze in the name of the Empire. The kill-pill was icing on the cake.

So now I have even more questions. What’s up with the Dark Saber? How did the Empire get it and how did the Mandalorians lose it?

Oh and let’s not forget the Jedi that was watching Mando at the very beginning of the scene and the fact that every Mandalorian takes off their helmet. Will we ever see our Mando without his helmet again? Honestly I hope not but I’m really looking forward to seeing what Episode 4 has in store next week!

Fun Friday: The Mandalorian (S2:E2)

Episode two… episode… two…

Let’s start from the beginning… we get a taste of another opening fight scene. It wasn’t great, but not terrible either. I suppose the best part was watching Mando pull a fast one on the little jawa looking dude and blasting him off with his jet pack. It also showed us another little trick Mando has up his sleeve for possible future use.

From there things didn’t really get us too far. Mando is looking for more Mandalorians and he gets an idea of where they are yet he’s required to take a passenger with him, even though he already has a good idea of what system they’re in before he even takes off…

Is it just me or is Mando being… too nice…??

I mean… He is still a bounty hunter yea?


Anyways, I did get really excited once he made it into space and was met by two Republic X-Wing fighters! I was really, really, REALLY hoping for a great dog fight here and yet… I was let down by Mando making a terrible exit from that fight. I loved the quality of the cinematography as they were flying through the clouds and the maneuvers he was making to try and lose them, but I guess I was hoping for more.

And was it just me or was anyone else waiting for Sigouney Weaver to jump out in an exo-suit and help Mando out?!? As I’m watching the ice cave scene unfold I’m thinking to myself, facehugger… facehugger… facehugger… and then…

The replica eggs Xenomorphe in Alien | Spotern


The chase scene here was actually pretty entertaining and I loved the various sizes of the Star Wars facehuggers.

I was not a big fan of how this scene ended though. Why did the Republic fighters even bother to save Mando and then pretty much leave him for dead? They were pretty much saying we’re going to help out but also… sucks to be you

I don’t know… I wasn’t really feeling how that scene ended. It just felt a little cheap as a way for Mando to escape. I would have been okay if the Republic fighters had just helped him patch up his ship a bit and called it even stevens. Whatever…


After that, the episode ended a little abrubtly. I was expecting some sort of wrapup to the whole adventure but it looks like frogger will carry on to next week. On a final note…

Stop eat those eggs you little egg sucker!!

Fun Friday: The Mandalorian (S2:E1)

Feels like a parsec since we last saw Mando but damn it feels good to be back! Episode 1 didn’t give us any big plot points but it did entertain and even surprised in a couple of places. Jon Favreau does know how to tell a story on the screen.

One of the most obvious points I can make is that we’re going to see a lot more of what a bigger budget can get us. From the character costumes and set designs to the special effects and quality of cinematography, season 2 is going to leave season 1 in the dust, so to speak.

Which means we should see some better fight sequences and hopefully… hopefully… some great space battles. At times I caught myself thinking, “man if only they had this technology back when they made the originals…” But hey, I’m not complaining. I really felt back in the Star Wars/Mandalorian universe.


The opening fight sequence was a good start but really left me wanting more. I appreciated the nods to the new armor set though and enjoyed seeing how Mando makes use of it. It’s a lot of fun watching him use his gear so I’m really hoping they continue to play into him upgrading his armor set, tools, and weapons.

Speaking of armor… and a little fan service… the Boba Fett call out raises a ton of questions. Did he not sit in the belly of the Sarlacc for thousands of years? How did the Jawas get his armor? How do you find rockets for that thing and did Boba not know how to use them in Return of the Jedi?!?!

Was anyone else waiting for Kevin Bacon to show up and tell all the sand people not to move? How many of those guys got sacrificed to that Krayt Dragon… and how did they decide who would go try to call that monster out?!

I really couldn’t help but think it was just a… BIG… ALASKAN… BULL WORM!!!

Alaskan Bull Worm by Anarchrist17 on DeviantArt
photo cred: SpongeBob

In all seriousness though, I was impressed with how it ended. I half expected the bombs going off on the beasts belly to be the end of it. I was happy to see the original plan fall through and to watch Mando have to freestyle his way to victory. I think this is where the Mandalorian really shines. Everything goes to hell and he’s got to think on his feet with the tools he’s got at hand. It was fun to watch.

Did anyone else notice Mando looks a little beefier this season?

Did anyone catch if it’s still Pedro Pascal playing the role or if/when he cut ties with season 2? Was really bummed to hear of the issues they were having. Loved him in GoT!


Overall I thought it was a solid season opener. The fight and battle scenes were a solid start and it’s always great to see a flamethrower or two. I am a little worried about falling into a trap where we see side story after side story with out any real overall plot movement. Hopefully episodes two and three can start building us more into the plot of season 2.

Let me know what you thought of episode 1 and who the hell that guy was at the end!?!?