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How To Put Bad Things Into Perspective

Ever had a day where things just weren’t working out? Maybe life decided to throw you a little curve ball or you just had a bad day. That tends to happen from time-to-time but there’s one thing you can do to really change that.

Most times when we start to get down about a situation we tend to focus on the situation itself. We start thinking within the context of that situation. We basically zoom in and focus on just that moment.

Think about someone who has had a bad morning and then that bad morning carries on into the rest of the day. While only the morning was bad, that feeling of a bad morning continues on with that person throughout the day.

That’s because this person is still very zoomed in on that morning. Their thoughts and focus are still zoomed in to that exact moment.

Think about when someone has road rage. That moment where they are angry or frustrated with other drivers is an extremely zoomed in moment. When I say zoomed in I mean, they are really only thinking about their current situation. They are thinking about the traffic, their day, and probably why they’re late to where they need to be going.


Another common situation when things aren’t working out and we are very zoomed in is in our goal setting. When we try to set a goal and achieve it but we misstep or we fail some where. Maybe we miss a day going to the gym or we relapse on trying to quit smoking.

Often times when that happens for people the next thing that follows is them giving up on that goal all together and abandoning it. That one bad day, that one slip up, ruined the entire thing for them. They are still very zoomed in and focused on this one mistake.

BUT, there’s a better way you can deal with all of these situations and scenarios and it’s not hard to do. It’s probably more difficult to just remember to do it but it does work.

Whenever we have a situation like this, where we’re feeling like things aren’t working or we’re feeling frustrated, all we have to do is take a second to zoom out.

photo cred: Krissana Porto

We tend to try and think of our lives in only the present. We tend to think that only the current moment and maybe the next few moments or the previous few moments really ever matter. When we take a second to zoom out and think about where this moment in our life really fits, we realize how insignificant this small moment is.

Yes maybe you’re stuck in traffic today, but where does that land in the scope of your life to this day? Do those 20 or 30 minutes really matter in the scope of 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years of your life?

When you start zooming out and thinking more about the overall timeline of your life, it becomes much easier to not be bothered by smaller unfortunate happenings in life. Once you realize that even having a bad hour in the morning really means nothing in the scope of your entire life, you realize your morning really wasn’t that bad.


Missing a goal or making a mistake and then zooming out and realizing that one or two slip ups doesn’t have to define the entire year for you can help you put those mistakes into perspective. Most people aren’t perfect and are going to make mistakes.

Instead of focusing in and being zoomed in on those mistakes, zoom back out and think about your life as a whole. See the bigger picture and understand where that mistake falls when you look at the timeline of your life.

It can be incredibly difficult to remember to zoom out but zooming out is one of the most effective ways to put perspective on any situation. So the next time you’re having a bad day pause and take a second to zoom out. See how much that bad day really matters in the scope of your entire life.