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Should I Do a 3 Day Split or 4 Day Split for my workout? – Surprise! Neither.

This is going to throw a lot of people for a loop. A lot people are sold on performing a 3 or 4 day split for their weekly workouts and really… it makes sense right? We workout for a day, we get a day of rest for our muscles, and then we do it again. We all know that we need to give our muscles a day to rest so why wouldn’t this strategy work?

Because it doesn’t.

This is the most common advice I see on the internet on how to plan and schedule your workouts and to me it’s one of the worst. The advice isn’t intentionally trying to tell you to do the wrong thing, but in most cases it doesn’t provide you with enough context to really understand how to implement it.

The best way to go here, is to go with a 0 day split. Zero days, as in no days off. *Insert gasp*

What does a 0 day split mean? It means instead of going to the gym on Friday and then taking Saturday and Sunday off to ‘recover’ and then trying to go again on Monday, you just workout every day *insert second gasp*. Here’s why this works better than any type of a split.


One of the main reasons that people start workouts and then quit, is because they are trying to pick and choose which days they workout and which ones they don’t. They are trying to line up on and off days but if you’ve ever been a real life person, you know that sometimes you just have bad days on any random day of the week.

When this happens, people tend to try and shuffle around their workouts. They say, “oh I’ll just have today be my off day and I’ll pick back up tomorrow.” People do this all the time. I know because I’m people. And then what happens is it gets even harder to get back into your workout. And so before long…. you aren’t going at all.

photo cred: John Arano

Another reason split days become problematic is because people have this idea that they are going to go into the gym and they are going to bang out this super hard workout. They decide that today is chest day and they are going to go so hard and get a good pump in, but what happens every time after that? They are so sore, they can’t even function. Going to the gym seems like a nightmare and it takes them a full week to recover from that one workout. Which means more skip days.

The better way to do all of this is to just not have an off day. If you’re going to get into shape, and you’re serious about it, it has to become a part of your lifestyle. It has to be a part of who you are. It has to be something that you work on daily, rain or shine. It has to become habit, routine…. And I already know what you’re thinking, “but what about rest days?


You rest your muscles by working out other groups of muscles. That’s how you rest. You don’t do the same workout routine every day. You rotate around the body. So maybe Monday is chest, then Tuesday is core, followed by legs on Wednesday, and then Yoga on Thursday. Friday then becomes cardio, and Saturday is Back day. Wrap it all up with a Stretch day or another Core day and BAM! You’ve got a 0 day split.

The real reason this is a more successful way to go is that it allows you to build up consistency within your workouts. It doesn’t ask you to be Superman on Monday and then Shrek on Tuesday. That’s such an extreme to have to go back-and-forth on. Instead, it asks that you show up and get a little bit of work in each day and then hopefully you’re tracking your progress and each week you’re pushing for a little bit more.

Getting another little victory.

3 Tricks to Stick Your Workout

One of the most challenging things with getting our workouts in is sticking with them day-after-day. It’s always so easy when we’ve had a good night’s rest, things went well at work, we’re in a good mood and hitting the gym seems like a piece of cake.

But then it hits us… that day where things aren’t working out. Maybe we overslept or we’re feeling sore. Maybe work was shit or we’re just having a bad day in general and then when we think about the gym we stop ourselves and say, “I deserve a break from this day” and we skip.

It’s so easy to skip. It’s so easy to convince ourselves that we need a break from our struggles and that we should skip the gym. What we typically fail to realize is that there are some simple tricks to getting around these roadblocks and they are so easy you just can’t say no to them!


Trick #1

When you’re having that bad day. You know that day where you know you are going to skip the gym… well instead of telling yourself you’re going to skip, tell yourself you’re going to have a modified day.

When you have a modified day, do as little as you want to, to still get some level of physical exercise. Just do one pushup or one crunch. Do a single squat or a single jumping jack. Just do one and call it a modified day.

What’s more important isn’t that we go to the gym every day. What’s actually important is that we start building a streak. A number of consecutive days where we are getting physical exercise. Instead of taking a zero, take a modified day and do one exercise.

Trick #2

A lot of times when we fail to go to the gym we make it hard to start back up again because we realize the enormous amount of work and effort that needs to go into it. We see this huge mountain and we know there’s just no way we can climb it.

photo cred: Jeremy Bishop

Instead of trying to climb that mountain, use a graduated scale. That means, when you do fall off from your workout, start over from the beginning. Don’t try to climb the mountain in one big step.

Instead, try to do one pushup. Then on the next day, do two, then three, then four… if you fall off and miss a day, then pick back up again at one, then two, then three, then four… then five (one more than your last streak).

I make it so easy to build up with Little Victories each day, that’s it’s almost impossible to fail.


Trick #3

My last tip is one I see so many people trip themselves up on. They have one little thing go wrong in their life, and it ruins the entire rest of the day. They have one bad morning, one bad moment, and it sticks with them the entire day and ruins any chance of getting to the gym.

Any hurdles you have in your way to getting in shape you need to create alternatives for. For example, some people like to run, except when it rains. When it rains, they take a day off. One day off turns into two, and pretty soon they’ve missed a week.

Don’t let one little imperfection ruin your streak.

Find alternatives.

If you can’t make it to the gym, come up with an at home routine to do. If you can’t run because it’s raining, come up with an indoor routine. If you can’t go to the gym because of a pandemic, come up with routine you can do 6 feet from everyone else. Whatever it is, don’t strive for everything to be perfect. Find alternatives and modify when things aren’t ideal.

If you take these three tips and you use them every day, I promise you, you will stick to your workouts. You will have bad days and that’s exactly what these tips are for. It’s okay to have a bad day. Bad days should already be a part of your game plan because they are going to happen. The trick is knowing how to handle those bad days and not letting them ruin your streak.

Happy Lifting!

Be Humble

“Have fun. I just have fun with the kids. Just talk to them. Most people don’t let these kids talk, they talk for them. So I just talk to them and try to find out what they like.” ~ Coach Jordan on how he approaches getting the best out of his athletes.

Be Humble… the words Jordan Matulevich, coach and owner of Be Humble Gym, first heard when trying to come up with a name for the new training facility he was dreaming up in his head. Quite a fitting name considering the humble beginnings Jordan came up from.

After battling addiction and living through some of the hardest times that addiction can bring, Jordan managed to come out on the other side a winner, but now that he had made it there, he wanted to find a way to give back. Jordan found himself coaching as a volunteer for special needs athletes but when the event was over it wasn’t for Jordan.

For a lot of disabled athletes competing in the games means training begins and ends when the events do. Jordan wanted to provide something more than just a few months of activity for the kids who were competing and thus, Be Humble Gym was born.

Starting out with just a handful of athletes Be Humble Gym has grown to host nearly 30 disabled athletes and continues to grow in size. It’s not just the training that Jordan offers that makes Be Humble Gym a great place for these athletes to train, it’s what Jordan brings to the table in terms of coaching that really sets the Be Humble Gym apart.

When I asked Jordan what he feels is the right strategy and approach to coaching each of his kids, whose disabilities can range from amputees to severe autism, he said, “Have fun. I just have fun with the kids. Just talk to them. Most people don’t let these kids talk, they talk for them. So I just talk to them and try to find out what they like.”


Jordan stresses how important it is that when the kids come to his gym they feel comfortable right away. From the topics they talk about to the music they play in the gym, each athlete steps into the gym and owns the place. If the Spongebob Squarepants theme song is what one of the athletes loves to listen to, it’s what’s blasting on the gym speakers as they train.

And not all of Jordan’s athletes can compete in every event. This means that each of his coaching methods must be adapted to suit the athlete and their specific needs but Jordan has no problem doing just that for each and everyone of them. Jordan says it’s more about building confidence than it ever is about trying to lift more weights.

In the example he gives me, one of his athletes can only perform the bench press. So they head down to the gym, they hit the bench press, and then they spend the rest of their training session hanging out and talking about anime. For a lot of these kids, coming to see Jordan isn’t just about training, it’s about coming to see and hang out with one of their best friends.

So where is Be Humble Gym going and what’s next for Jordan and his athletes? Staying humble and keeping at it. Jordan envisions a bigger gym and more equipment so that he can continue to provide exercises for the athletes and their specific needs. Not every kid can bench, not every kid can squat, not every kid can do every exercise. This makes it incredibly important that Jordan provide a wide variety of equipment for each his athletes.


It also means that the Be Humble Gym needs as much support as we can provide and the great news is there are a ton of ways to provide it. For starters, grabbing a Be Humble Gym t-shirt and helping raise awareness goes a long way. The gym also has an open GoFundMe page and donations go right back into the gym and the athletes to continue to provide them a place to grow their strength, speed, and confidence.

Check out the Be Humble Gym and show some support for our local athletes! You can also follow along with coach and his athletes on Facebook and Instagram or click the button below to make a donation.

The One Trick to Getting in Shape

There is one very simple trick to getting in shape.

It’s not a new workout program or diet. It’s not waking up early in the morning or hitting the gym twice in one day. It’s actually a mental battle that we fight every day and the trick is in winning that battle.

The problem most people face when it comes to working out is that they get incredibly motivated and hyped, they get all fired up, and they tell themselves, “I’m going to start going to the gym everyday after work.

And most of the time they do… but sometimes they don’t. Those that do inevitably face the same challenge that plagues them every time they start on this journey. They get to the gym, they get in a good workout, maybe even they go again the next day and the day after that.

photo cred: Cathy Pham

Then it happens… they have that bad day. The day where they stop going to the gym. Maybe they’re really sore or maybe life threw them a curveball. Life gave them a bad day and when it was time to go to the gym, they just couldn’t make it happen. Instead, they took a rest day telling themselves they’ve earned it.

Then one rest day turns into two. Two becomes three, three becomes five… and pretty soon they haven’t gone to the gym for a week…

This happens every year on New Years for thousands of people. Literally thousands of people get all fired up and excited to change themselves and a lot of times they can get started but eventually the majority of them will burn out. What these people fail to understand is that they are actually doing great. They are actually doing so incredibly good that they don’t realize it and what happens is that they make this one mistake.


They let perfectionism win out over accountability. What I mean by that is that instead of showing up at the gym and doing a shit workout, they tell themselves that since they don’t have it in them to go hard that day, that they shouldn’t go at all. This is the point at which they fail and so here is the one trick to making your workout work.

Just show up.

Just show up to your workout even if you do it half ass and you only do one repetition at a fraction of your normal workload. Showing up and being accountable, even if it’s at a half ass rate, is still more effective to getting in shape than not showing up and eventually quitting.


What most people don’t understand is that fitness is a part of life. It’s not something you do for six weeks and then never do again. It’s something that is a part of your life every day. You live it. And sometimes you have bad days. Too many people let one bad day decide the rest of their future. Stop giving yourself a day off and show up to your workout.

Show up and do the shittiest workout you have ever done.




And if you need some extra motivation watch my really shitty YouTube video on showing up…

…and then jump over to my Instagram for some higher quality videos with even more tips!

7 More Tips to Achieving your Fitness Goals

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7 Tips to Achieving your Fitness Goals

I’ve recently started sharing daily tips on reaching your fitness goals. Here’s a weekly recap on those tips. If you want to get them every morning keep up with us on Instagram and Facebook!

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The Workout That Works

Day 1: How to make Working Out, Workout

“Service to others,

is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”

 — Muhammad Ali

There is soooooo much information out there on exercising, fitness, and health. And it’s so much of the same, over-and-over…

There are literally thousands of workout programs, some you see on tv and in ads, some you see on Instagram or YouTube. There’s people selling new equipment, new programs, bikes, weights, bands… it just goes on and on and on…

And how many of those new programs or new pieces of equipment have stuck with you day in and day out? How many of them have you started and you’re still doing to this day? How many of them were life changing?


If you answered none, that’s okay. None were life changing for me either. I’ve tried the programs, I’ve tried the equipment, I’ve done the things… and while I still had success when doing them, eventually… I stopped doing all of them.

But what if you could do something different? What if instead of being sold a new program or being sold a new piece of equipment… what if instead… someone actually shared some advice on how to make ANY work out program stick? What if I told you that you could pick any work out, from any source, and make it stick? You know, actually reach your fitness goal?

That’s what I’m offering. A new way to look at fitness, diet, and exercise. There’s nothing to buy, I won’t try to sell you a video or $300 dollar machine. I won’t tell you to do 500 pushups or to try and run a marathon. I won’t ask you to spend 4 hours a day at the gym to get the results you want.

What I’m offering is information that will help you take any workout program and make it work. Any system, any style, any type of training… and make it work. Not for a day, not for a week, but for good.


And you can do it with any life style. I know because I’m doing it working full-time, with 3 kids and a dog, while writing this blog, and still getting to the gym.

So if you’re interested in finally making a change. If you’re tired of promising yourself that January 1st is ‘going to be a new you‘ and you don’t want to relive another 2020 then come check out my first piece of advice:

Day 1: How to make Working Out, Workout