Hole.. Eee… Smokes… What a closer!

I did not see that final scene coming from even a mile away. I just simply did not put two and two together until the final unveil. I think the biggest part that threw me off was how things aligned in the Star Wars timeline but let’s start from the beginning.

Mando and crew start off chasing down and capturing the head scientist we saw a few episodes back, that was working for Moff Gideon. It’s the same scientist that was directly involved in attempting to get little midichlorians out of Grogu. Capturing him gives Mando’s team a good plan to move forward with on how to ambush Moff Gideon’s ship.

Before heading off, Mando recruits Bo Katan and her sidekick for a little extra fire power. Their plan is pretty straight forward. Bo Katan and team will disguise themselves as an Imperial transport under fire from Boba Fett. Once aboard Gideon’s ship they’ll head for the bridge to capture Moff Gideon.

While she is raising a ton of hell, Mando will take a slight detour and attempt to shut down the Dark Troopers (the robot dudes that captured Grogu) and then head to rescue Grogu himself.


The plan kicks off successfully with Boba chasing the imposter Imperial transport ship holding Mando and crew right into the Moff’s ship. Once on board Boba quickly jumps to lightspeed and it’s up to Mando and crew to complete the mission.

Bo Katan and co immediately step foot off of their ship and begin to raise hell. Moff Gideon is aware he’s been tricked and sends the signal to fire up the Dark Troopers. While Bo’s team is working their way towards the bridge with some epic shoot outs, Mando begins sneaking his way towards his own objective.

As Mando nears the Dark Troopers he’s not quite quick enough and before he can close the blast doors preventing the troopers from making their way to Bo Katan one of them slips through and it becomes Mando vs Dark Trooper.

We’re quickly shown the power of even a single Dark Trooper as it begins to pummel Mando. If not for Mando’s near indestructible Beskar armor he would have quickly been beaten to death (as shown by a number of punches Mando takes to the head).

Mando pulls out all of the stops to defeat the Dark Trooper and in the end uses the Beskar spear he previously acquired, to defeat the enemy. Soon after he ejects the remaining Dark Troopers from the ship and moves towards rescuing Grogu.

At the same time Bo Katan and team move in to capture the bridge. They blast their way in and eliminate all of the enemy troopers but Moff Gideon is no where to be found. As Mando rounds the corner to Grogu’s holding cell and enters he comes face-to-face with the Moff himself.

Moff is seen holding Grogu hostage with the Dark Saber and Mando is left with no option but to attempt to negotiate. Moff Gideon tells Mando that Bo Katan is only after the Dark Saber so that she can claim Manda’lore and that he’s already got what he wants from Grogu. Gideon agrees to let both Grogu and Mando go free if he can keep the saber.

As Mando reaches for Grogu, Moff Gideon strikes and an epic battle ensures. Mando and Gideon fight Dark Saber against Beskar spear but Mando is simply too much for the Moff and takes him hostage. Mando joins Bo Katan and crew at the bridge with the Moff in tow as his prisoner.


Before anyone can celebrate a number of alarms begin to emit from within the bridge as the Dark Troopers begin to return. The troopers start heading for the bridge and considering the fight a single trooper put up against Mando, the group appears to be trapped…

As the Dark Troopers attempt to force their way into the bridge a lone X-Wing flies past and boards the star ship. Over a series of security cameras we only see a green lightsaber slicing it’s way through Dark Troopers heading towards the bridge. If you recall, Grogu previously reached out with the force in an attempt to contact any other Jedi and it looks like one did indeed hear the call.

As the Jedi nears the bridge Mando’s team waits in anticipation. When the dust settles and the Jedi appears we learn that it is non-other than a young Luke Skywalker!

After a bit of fan service, Luke takes Grogu leaving things open ended with where Mando will head to next. However, Mando does have the Dark Saber which technically means he can claim the throne of Manda’lore. We’ll have to see what happens next in the Mando timeline….

If you stuck around to watch the closing credits you also got a sneak peek at where our buddy Boba Fett is headed. It looks like he’ll get his own spin off show as well titled, ‘The Book of Boba‘ and I can’t freaking wait!

Director Jon Favreau has given the ol’ Marvel spin on Star Wars. With a mix of fan service and creative action scenes he’s managed to revive the Star Wars universe far beyond what Rian Johnson or J.J. Abrams were able to do. With a number of new Star Wars shows coming up and the awesome tie-ins between each of them we are in for quite a few years of great content from Disney and team in the Star Wars universe!

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