How To Setup A Status Page For Your Website For Free

With all the talk around SLO’s and SLI’s what soon follows is a request or need for transparency. In the age of technology, when your website or webservice goes down, people know.

In most cases, they actually end up knowing faster than you, and when there is an issue the expectation to provide an immediate response is high. Thankfully there is already a great tool to help make this happen.

Say hello to the Atlassian Status Page: The Hardest Work Status Page

This status page provides a means to communicate the status of an event in which customers or end users are affected. From the end users standpoint, they can easily subscribe to receive updates the moment an incident occurs. This can allow them to react or mitigate any down stream issues with their own services and avoids any manual processes around notifying users.

The status page also allows users to have a central place to receive additional updates on the status of an on-going issues as it is being resolved. Status Page maintainers can provide updates on the findings of the incident to customers as well as how soon they expect the issue to be resolved.


Status Page also allows you to break down individual components of your services to provide more accurate reporting and status updates as well. This can be useful for larger products that may have multiple services or websites.

Atlassian’s Status Page also allows a number of application integrations for alerting. Alerts can be sent out to multiple chat services like Teams and Slack as well as ticketing systems like Jira and notification systems like Opsgenie. If you really want to, you can automate a Twitter notification to be sent out as well.

In today’s world of technology things move fast. Customer expectations are higher than ever and response times matter. Keeping your end-users informed and up-to-date as production issues are resolved is vital to meeting transparency and communication expectations.

Try Status Page out for free: Atlassian Status Page

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