The Good, the Bad, and the Awesome!

For the first time in a while, no Baby Yoda, but we did get to see a familiar face in Mayfield. What I really wish was we had his over-the-shoulder gun again because let’s be honest, that was pretty bad ass.

The tie fighter graveyard to start the episode was a stark reminder of where the universe is left, in the aftermath of the previous wars and man do I love seeing Boba Fett in these episodes. Hiss armor looks much cleaner now but it would be nice to see him ditch the robe.

photo cred: M8 Head

As for the Mayfield character, I wasn’t really excited to see him. I mean yea, loved the over-the-shoulder firearm but overall, not a big fan of the character. Was happy to see him go by the episodes end.

The trip into the Imperial base wasn’t all that exciting for me but I always enjoy the fan service, such as the use of thermal detonators. It was pretty obvious Mando and Mayfield were going to get some assistance just before reaching the base but I wasn’t expecting it to come from the tie fighters (was expecting the Slave I to swoop in) so it was cool and unexpected twist. It also create an interesting scenario where the bad guys were helping the good guys.

What’s really interesting in this episode is that we are starting to see a new Mando. Mayfield specifically calls him out in this regard referring to how people change their rules when they are in a pinch. Mando taking off his helmet for the first time this season was a significant moment for his character and makes me wonder if we’ll see more of that in season 3.

It was intriguing to watch Mayfield talk with his commanding officer but I felt like it was a little bit of a stretch for him to go AWOL and then for them to escape. I wouldn’t say it was an easy escape but it felt like if you shot a commanding officer in an Imperial base, getting out would be a little more difficult… Well I guess you could blame that storm trooper accuracy.


I want to pause for a second to note the bomb that was deployed by Boba Fett. This was the same style of bomb that Boba’s father, Jango Fett deployed on Obi-wan during the Attack of the Clones. It’s one of my favorite explosives in all of the fantasy content I’ve seen. You just can’t beat the sound effects on that thing!

My biggest disappointment is how short this episode is with the last two episodes coming in at around 30 minutes or so. I would really like to see these episodes push closer to the hour mark and maybe just bring a little more meat into the dialog and character development. It sometimes feels like we’re moving to fast in this regard.

The closing scene showing Mando making his threat to Moff Gideon was great. We usually don’t see Mando try to be such a hard ass. He tends to try and play it neutral so it’s great when he muscles up on someone. I am a little confused on what his attachment is to Gorgu though. I mean, in the Ahsoka episode he was ready to hand him off, now he’s super attached to him?

I’m not sure I’m fully sold on that story line but I’m enjoying each episode despite that. Hoping season two closes out with an absolute banger of an episode and we get some more episode length in season 3.

I still haven’t had my epic space battle yet either damnit!

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