The return of the Hunter!

We finally got to see one of the most beloved Star Wars characters return to the screen. Boba Fett is back and he’s teamed up with the Mandalorian!

Let’s back up a bit though. So Mando and little Gorgu arrive on at the Jedi temple faster than I expected. I figured we’d see a couple more episodes before they reached their destination but they made it there awfully quick.

Upon arrival Mando and lil Gro head up to the top of the hill where the Jedi temple is. Mando sets Grogu on the center piece of the temple and Grogu starts channeling some sort of force…. well I don’t know what he’s really doing. It seems like he’s doing whatever it is he needs to do to contact another Jedi, but the episode never really explains…


While he’s busy doing that, a ship dashes across the sky that is non other than the Slave I. Boba Fett shows up with a little help from one of Mando’s old friends and after a brief stand-off Boba and Mando agree to a ceasefire.

Boba claims he is only after his old armor that Mando picked up a few episodes back but before they can come to an agreement an Imperial Transport shows up and drops off a number of storm troopers.

And for like… the 5th time… Mando tries to get Grogu to stop his little meditation bit only to be blasted back by the power of the force field around Grogu. It literally took Mando like 5 tries here… to really get the point, which felt weird but whatever…

So all the while Mando’s screwing around at the top of the Jedi temple Boba and co are taking on the wave of stormtroopers. I don’t know how many troopers that little transport ship can hold but I swear about 20 troopers rolling deep out of that thing.

photo cred: Agnieszka Kowalczyk

And the fight scene that emerged was a mix of quick shooting from Boba co. and a martial arts style scene of Boba smacking around a bunch of storm troopers. I will admit it was cool to see the storm troopers trying to be a bit more tactical in their approach but it also felt very… Power Ranger-ish?

Thankfully, Boba spots his armor hanging in Mando’s ship and scoops it up before going on a brief rampage. Boba pulls out all the stops for this one, going all Iron Man on the storm troopers and sending them running off in their transport ships, which he then proceeded to rocket out of the sky with a missile.

Before Mando can offer any assistance a blast comes from the sky.

The blast was most certainly from the Imperial ship housing Moff Gideon…

and was most certainly aimed at Mando’s ship…

and it most certainly turned Mando’s ship into dust…

With Mando now down a ship, Moff Gideon sends his new troopers down to the surface to grab Gorgu just as he was exiting his mediation. The new troopers end up actually being droids which grab Grogu and blast off towards the sky to return to the Imperial ship.


Boba quickly jumps in his ship and pursues them but upon realizing they are heading towards a much larger Imperial ship, backs off and returns to the surface. With Grogu now captured Mando has no other choice but to team up with Boba Fett for the most epic bounty hunter team up in the history of ever.

It was unfortunate how short this episode was, coming in at 33 minutes. But it was completely action packed with some great fan service in the return of Boba Fett. I wouldn’t mark this episode as my favorite but it was great to see Boba again.

I’m left wondering though…

Who did Grogu contact… and will we see a Jedi answer the call?

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