Not a bad entrance at all.

Finally we get some Jedi time… Don’t get me wrong, I love that we’re in the bounty hunters world, but a jedi or sith here and there mixes things up. Reminds us that our character isn’t the most powerful being in the universe, but those quick shots there at the end, show us why he’s still a bad ass.

I really enjoyed watching Ahsoka’s hit-n-run fighting style. It was a new flavor of fighting that we haven’t seen much of in the Mandalorian. It’s great that we can have some change of pace and not every episode is a western style shoot-out (still love those too though). The way we only see Ahsoka’s saber’s light up through the fog before she drops another solider shows a fantastic level of creativity. It added some realism to how she is able to take on so many enemies at once.

forest covered with fogs
photo cred: Eric Muhr

And let’s not forget little baby yoda just wanting his knobby knob… oh my bad I mean Grogu… Is it just me or was this episode on overload for new information? Let’s break it down a little bit first because there’s still a lot of new content.

So Mando arrives on a desolate planet looking for the Jedi. The local imperial leader tries to hire him to hunt down the Jedi and points Mando in the right direction.

Long story short Mando finds Ahsoka Tano and they fight for like half a second. During that fight Mando blocks her light sabers with his armor!!! I didn’t realize beskar armor was that tough and it makes me realize even more that Mando is just like a living turtle… lol… with a blaster…

white daisy flowers in bloom during daytime
photo cred: Sindy Strife

I did find it odd that Mando knew her name right out the gate. Like… was he planning that name drop for a while or… anyways…

Mando and Ahsoka head back into town and basically kick some ass like you would expect. They defeat the imperials but we learn that Ahsoka is looking for Grand Admiral Thrawn who is another character from “legacy” Star Wars. It seems like we’re going to get a lot of fan service going forward on Mandalorian episodes. We’ll have to see how it plays out but so far it’s been subtle enough to work.

Although we only caught quick glimpses of Ahsoka’s lightsaber’s the curved styling of them was a fresh take on the typical lightsaber hilts we see on the big screen. I do sort of wish Ahsoka had agreed to train Grogu, it kind of seemed like she shit on Mando’s deal and he was just like, “Thank You.” Well it for sure seems like we’ll get some more Ahsoka in the future.


What I really want to know is… what’s Mando going to build with his armor?!? I mean he’s already pretty solid. I don’t think he’s taken a single injury this season. I’m curious to see how they use the beskar and I really hope it’s not just something they pass off in some crap trade either. Oh and one last thought… what Jedi (or Sith) is going to come to Grogu….

All-in-all, I think this was the best episode so far. I was pretty happy to finally get to see a lightsaber!

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