Hello Miss Dune.

It’s really great to see some familiar faces in episode 4 and I really wish we could get more Cara Dune. I think her character has a lot of potential to make some additional appearances and she’s a great all around bad ass. Her close quarters combat is a great change of pace for the more western shootouts we typically see and it makes sense considering the actress is a former mixed martial artist.

At this point I wanted to share a great tweet by the one and only Elon Musk in which he noted what else do Gamer Jedi use their Force powers for other than getting snacks. Unfortunately, it’s since been deleted, but I did find a screen grab for you viewing pleasure:

Moving on…

We once again get to see Mando’s craftiness on display as the team attempts to infiltrate an Imperial base. Instead of waiting around for the elevator to be hacked Mando fires off his jet boosters and heads up to the top of the base to dish out some Mandalorian bubble gum. I’m really enjoying this take on the character and letting him drive his own narrative in the story.

I have to ask though… did we really need the blue guy for this episode? I could have done without him to be honest…

But the cats out of the bag for Moff Gideon now. Mando no longer thinks he’s dead (but none of us ever did) and should be on high alert at this point. The bigger question though is what is Moff Gideon up to?

A new breed of super clones? Maybe….

Force immune clones? Maybe…

We’ll have to wait to really see how it plays out but it sounds like he’s building himself a small army in an attempt to capture baby yoda which we still don’t know what for. Mando’s going to need some reinforcements soon if he’s ever going to stand a chance.

I was incredibly impressed with the speeder chase turned tie fighter chase turned aerial ass whopping that was the last part of the episode. The speeder chase started off really well and it was a great scene for the series over all. So often we see dialog and shootouts, so anytime we can get a high speed chase scene I’m all in!

Also can we talk about the turn around time on those ship repairs?!? Hot damn they had that thing looking top notch in a matter of hours… or did I suffer from a time lapse? Either way it’s awesome to see Mando’s ship back in good shape and hopefully for some more dog fights!

I’m looking forward to more action next week and really ramping up into the second half of the season. Overall the first half of the season has been fairly impressive so let’s see if the second half can out do itself!

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