Fun Friday: The Mandalorian (S2:E3)

Episode 3 packed much more of an action punch and gave us some great story points to start connecting the dots and getting into the overall story arch into place.

My first thought after a couple of minutes in was how bad Mando needs a new ship. It seems like that point is really being highlighted this season and I’m almost starting to suspect Mando will walk out of season two with a brand new ship much like he walked out of season one with new armor. If that is the case, we might have to wait until season 3 before we start seeing some bad ass dog fights… damnit…

I’m starting to notice that every time I watch an episode I can’t help but tie it back to some other movie franchise… first Tremors, then Alien, now Pirates of the Caribbean. Is anyone else seeing the trend here…

Pirates of the Caribbean villains: the 8 best baddies, ranked

Oh and also, fuck those squid dudes. I was already getting pretty sus about them and then they knocked little baby yoda in! Mando tried to do his thing but ultimately was screwed and then BAM! More Mando’s show up and start kicking ass!

I loved seeing the additional Mandalorians show up and I like the idea of various Mandalorian flavors. The blue armor was a nice touch and their helmets were some of the best I’ve seen so far. Also, another action packed scene!

The ‘commandeering‘ of the Imperial ship, pirate reference there, was a great scene all around. It’s about time we had some sustainable action and while I love lil baby yodie he does make it difficult for Mando to fully flex. We got a nice reminder of just how durable Mando’s armor is and a second reminder that stormtroopers still can’t aim for shit, unless you have great armor.


The grittier spin on the Empire was great to see as well. I mean we’ve all seen the Empire shoot their own guys before but typically we see the Empire be actual cowards when push comes to shove. I like the idea that they are willing to kamikaze in the name of the Empire. The kill-pill was icing on the cake.

So now I have even more questions. What’s up with the Dark Saber? How did the Empire get it and how did the Mandalorians lose it?

Oh and let’s not forget the Jedi that was watching Mando at the very beginning of the scene and the fact that every Mandalorian takes off their helmet. Will we ever see our Mando without his helmet again? Honestly I hope not but I’m really looking forward to seeing what Episode 4 has in store next week!

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