How to Master Anything

We often times consider ourselves to be good students. We can read a book or an article, watch a YouTube video, or take a class, and for the most part, we feel like we can learn the things we need to learn to be better.

Then we can go and actually try to do the things we just learned about. We try to fix that leaky pipe from the YouTube video or we try that next parenting trick on our kids, that we read in some book and again, we get a little bit better.

photo cred: Sharon McCutcheon

We repeat this cycle with almost everything that we do in most of our lives. We learn and then we try, we learn, then we try, and this is actually a pretty good method. I mean, it’s how we are raised from the time we enter school until we become adults and it gets us to where we need to go for the most part.

Even when we get into our jobs and professions, we start out as students and then we are trained by our peers and we practice on what we’ve learned and soon enough we’ve got it down.

There is though.. another level. A level beyond just learning and doing. A level that can take us to that Next Level. That level is teaching.

When we start to teach something we take on a new perspective. We are now no longer asking questions but are stating what we believe are facts. We are saying, “This is how you should do it.”

What scares a lot of people away from making this next step is the potential to be wrong. The chance that a student or another teacher comes along and says, “no you are teaching this wrong” and so we’re afraid to fail as teachers, and so often times, we don’t teach.

But teaching is so incredibly valuable to becoming a better student that by avoiding that failure we are limiting our chances of getting to the Next Level. Teaching allows us to put to test the things we’ve learned and practiced. It let’s us validate if what we learned and how we learned it, is any good in the first place.

photo cred: Austin Distel

Most of us tend to take something we’ve learned the first time and that becomes the way we know how to do it. We learn it once, and it becomes the end all. I see so many people who learn something from one person, one source, and they believe it to be factual for the rest of their lives. They become completely unwilling to change because it isn’t the idea they were taught the first time.

Don’t be like those people, instead, you should take what you have learned and go teach someone else. Validate your ideas and see if it can work for someone else.

Along the way you will start to learn even more than you did as a student. You will start to see the things that really do work and the parts that really don’t. You will start to become better at whatever it is you are teaching and be that much closer to going from student to teacher to Master.

One thought on “How to Master Anything”

  1. Yes. Yes. Yes. Isn’t it so empowering to teach and to see others grow from your teaching? It’s not about saying how much we know but rather working to pay it forward. Feels so good to help others learn to trust themselves and to learn to be intentional in their actions and values. All leading to a more meaningful life. Thanks for being brave and having the courage to put yourself out there… what an example for others to emulate. I sure will!


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