Fun Friday: The Mandalorian (S2:E1)

Feels like a parsec since we last saw Mando but damn it feels good to be back! Episode 1 didn’t give us any big plot points but it did entertain and even surprised in a couple of places. Jon Favreau does know how to tell a story on the screen.

One of the most obvious points I can make is that we’re going to see a lot more of what a bigger budget can get us. From the character costumes and set designs to the special effects and quality of cinematography, season 2 is going to leave season 1 in the dust, so to speak.

Which means we should see some better fight sequences and hopefully… hopefully… some great space battles. At times I caught myself thinking, “man if only they had this technology back when they made the originals…” But hey, I’m not complaining. I really felt back in the Star Wars/Mandalorian universe.


The opening fight sequence was a good start but really left me wanting more. I appreciated the nods to the new armor set though and enjoyed seeing how Mando makes use of it. It’s a lot of fun watching him use his gear so I’m really hoping they continue to play into him upgrading his armor set, tools, and weapons.

Speaking of armor… and a little fan service… the Boba Fett call out raises a ton of questions. Did he not sit in the belly of the Sarlacc for thousands of years? How did the Jawas get his armor? How do you find rockets for that thing and did Boba not know how to use them in Return of the Jedi?!?!

Was anyone else waiting for Kevin Bacon to show up and tell all the sand people not to move? How many of those guys got sacrificed to that Krayt Dragon… and how did they decide who would go try to call that monster out?!

I really couldn’t help but think it was just a… BIG… ALASKAN… BULL WORM!!!

Alaskan Bull Worm by Anarchrist17 on DeviantArt
photo cred: SpongeBob

In all seriousness though, I was impressed with how it ended. I half expected the bombs going off on the beasts belly to be the end of it. I was happy to see the original plan fall through and to watch Mando have to freestyle his way to victory. I think this is where the Mandalorian really shines. Everything goes to hell and he’s got to think on his feet with the tools he’s got at hand. It was fun to watch.

Did anyone else notice Mando looks a little beefier this season?

Did anyone catch if it’s still Pedro Pascal playing the role or if/when he cut ties with season 2? Was really bummed to hear of the issues they were having. Loved him in GoT!


Overall I thought it was a solid season opener. The fight and battle scenes were a solid start and it’s always great to see a flamethrower or two. I am a little worried about falling into a trap where we see side story after side story with out any real overall plot movement. Hopefully episodes two and three can start building us more into the plot of season 2.

Let me know what you thought of episode 1 and who the hell that guy was at the end!?!?

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