You’re Going to Get Punched in the Mouth

It’s a fact of life.

There are going to be times when life is going to knock you down. There are going to be bad days, off days, down days, and rain days. For some of us it’s once in a while and for others it’s every. single. day.

Sometimes it happens when we feel like we’re on top and sometimes it happens when we’re already down. Sometimes it comes from complete strangers and sometimes it comes from those that are already close to us…

What I’ve learned is that the more you try to put yourself out there, the more you try to do, the more you try to better yourself…

The more that punches are going to come your way… the more snide comments you’ll hear… the more people will talk shit about you… the more questions you’ll get about why you’re doing what you’re doing…


“Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth.”

~ Mike Tyson

And like Big Mike says… what’s your plan after you’ve been punched in the mouth?

Mike wasn’t saying that because you’ve been punched your plan is lost. Mike was asking what your plan was after you’ve been punched? What’s your plan for how you’re going to respond when life punches you in the mouth?

The lack of a plan is why a lot of people struggle to be Closers. People have no problem starting something. Starting a workout routine, starting a marriage, starting a blog, starting a project… but then they get punched in the mouth and they’re ready to step out.

They flat out back down.

They’re no longer the person they said they were when they said this is what they were all about.

It happens so often, so much, it literally plagues millions of people around the world. As soon as something gets tough… as soon as it doesn’t go exactly the way someone pictured it… they quit.

So here’s the trick to coming back after getting punched in the mouth. You have to have a plan. You have to have a plan for how you are going to respond when you get punched. And here’s the thing you can do to plan for when that punch is going to come and how to respond to it.

Stand up and say Fuck ’em

Mike Tyson is not one of the greatest boxers of all time because of a highlight tape. He’s not one of the best just because he could throw a big punch. He didn’t make it to the top because he could beat anyone’s ass (even though he probably could).


Mike went to the top because when he got punched, he stood back up, and he said Fuck that Noise. He didn’t quit or bitch out because the fight got tough. In fact he did the exact opposite. He came back and fought even harder.

That one aspect of Mike’s attitude got him to the top. Without it… if Mike had said, “man I really don’t like getting punched” he would never have made it anywhere in his life.

photo cred: Louis Smit

So the next time life punches you in the mouth… the next time life shits on you… the next time someone tries to bring you down…. stand back up… say Fuck it and go back out there and keep working at what you want to achieve.

If you missed your work out this morning, go do it tonight. If someone said something that made you feel bad, go prove them wrong. If someone tried to tear you down, go stand even taller.

Be ready to take your punches and then be ready to say Fuck ’em and come back even harder.

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