Mary Byron Games 2020 Success!

After 6 weeks of running every morning, today was the day I was finally able to Compete! In total we raised over $14,000 dollars!! Team Joshua was able to contribute $2,500 dollars on the nose to that total. Thank you to everyone who donated, helped, sponsored, and supported me.

A Big Thanks to…

  • My Mom, Dad, Joe, & Kim – You guys are my #1 supporters!
  • The Yates Real Estate Team & Family! ~ Thanks Clay and Jenna
  • My Brother Justin and Sister In-law Emily!
  • Studio 6 Hair Salon!
  • Pat Lankswert
  • 217 Problems
  • Theresa Voyles
  • Aaron Hatfield and all of the Hatfield Family for their support!
  • Barbara Hatfield
  • Teri Hatfield
  • Big thanks to Geri & Frank Ramirez
  • Jonah Grimes
  • Craig Schmidt
  • Greg Steiner
  • and The Stephen
  • Erik Baught
  • Mike & Michelle Stratton
  • Tyler VanderMeersch
  • Megan Livesay
  • Mike Davis
  • Jeff Byal
  • Aurora Coffee
  • Shout out to my scraping buddies Javier Lozano, Pedro Monzon, Juan Romero, & Carlos Varela!
  • My Aunt Sonja
  • Krish Sastry
  • Nadia Ferguson
  • And The Ritters!

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