The Boys are back in Town!!

The Boys is a new series on Amazon about what life would be like if Superheroes were more… flawed…

The season 2 finale is out today and I’ve yet to watch it, (so don’t ruin it for me!) but if you haven’t caught The Boys yet let me give you a little bit of background as to why my wife and I are catching new episodes every Friday.

The Boys is based on a comic book series that portrays a group of ragtag vigilantes that take on The Seven, a group of seven of the most powerful Superheroes in the world who abuse their powers. It currently holds an 8.7 rating on IMDb with a 90% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


The show centers around a small group of average people known as The Boys who have been affected by superheroes in some way. Whether that’s because one of the Supes was careless during a rescue and someone died or because a Supe screwed them over (literally…) at some time. And Yes that’s Supe, like soup….

The main Supes are a part of “The Seven” and consist of Homelander – a sort of Superman spin-off, Starlight – probably the only good supe in the Seven, Black Noir – who is just a straight up mystery all around but most comparable to Batman, Queen Maeve – who reminds me a lot of a classic Xena Warrior Princess… The Deep – whose only power is to talk to fish. Really I don’t even know how The Deep is even in this group… A-Train – the fastest man on the planet aka the Flash, and Translucent – who has invincible skin that makes him invisible.

Amazon's superhero show The Boys: Cast, plot, sequel news - CNET

And each of these characters has some serious flaws. Homelander constantly teeters on the edge of insanity while trying to portray this wholesome image to the public but secretly being twisted in private. It’s like you watch every episode waiting for him to just lose his patience and use his laser eyes to mass murder a group of people. Seriously, I’m waiting for him to snap off and the show to take a completely different direction. We’ll see if it happens…

Then there’s A-Train whose battling to try and stay relevant as he starts aging and losing his title as the Fastest Man on the planet. This pushes him to the limit as he desperately tries to do everything he can to maintain that title, including getting into drugs and using them as a form of steroids to improve his performance.


The most intriguing part of the show is watching the various characters as the wrestle with their identities. Both the Supes and The Boys (the normal guys) go back and forth trying to determine which side is really the right side. The line is blurred all the way through the show as each of them make choices that push them back and forth between good and evil. It’s a very blurred line on which characters are on the right side of the fight and it’s great to watch them unfold throughout the story.

By far my favorite character is not even one of the Supes but Billy Butcher. The leader of the guerilla group of normal people trying to take The Seven down. His colorful language and thick accent make him a riot and badass on screen.

Who's behind The Boys' mind-blowing twist?

If you’re looking for a new show to get hooked on during quarantine or you’ve got that superhero itch until the next superhero movie hits the big screen, I highly recommend The Boys!

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