Deadlines are fact of the matter, key to accomplishing your goals. Anything that you decide you want to do HAS TO HAVE A DEADLINE. Always. Every time. Non-negotiable….

Deadlines are incredibly powerful in driving us and pushing us to do more. They’re the reason we can bang out a 10 page paper at 11:32 PM before it’s due for class at midnight. Deadlines are the reason we pay our bills. They’re the reason we don’t miss that big assignment for our boss or that request from our client.

photo cred: Lukas Blazek

Deadlines are essentially promises. Promises that we make about our future selves to complete a task or series of tasks. And often times, deadlines are imposed on us by others. Deadlines from our bosses, clients, teachers, or coaches.

And these deadlines make us feel a certain way if we don’t meet them, don’t they? When we don’t deliver to our boss or teacher we feel like crap. Most of us don’t want to face that truth that we made a promise that we couldn’t keep. That our word wasn’t worth what we said it was. We hate to have to lay in the bed that we made. Especially if we dropped the ball and shit the bed…

What else happens when we know a deadline is fast approaching? What happens to our work ethic…? We Make Time. We bust our ass to get things done! When that deadline is one day away compared to one week away. We’re two different people. We go from, “Meh I’ll get to it…” to “Oh shit, I gotta get moving!!”

photo cred: Garrhet Sampson

Now what does it look like when we have a goal that says we need to get $10,000 in sales? How do we work if the dead line for that goal is 6 months? How do we work if the deadline for that goal is 1 month? Think about how your plan changes when the deadline goes from 6 months to 1 months. You hustle a hell of a lot harder.

Now what kind of results do you think you’re going to get out of life if you set your deadlines at 1 month for every month of the year? Even if you fail, even if you miss your goal, what is your work ethic going to be like? It’s going to be on FIRE. You are going to put in more work, harder, faster, and stronger than you would have ever done with that 6 month goal.

When you’re setting goals for yourself think about where you want to be in 3 months or 6 months. Then set the deadline to accomplish that at 1 month. Now think about what your game plan and hustle needs to look like to make that happen. Think big at 6 months, Don’t Manage Expectations, and then work hard towards that deadline at 1 month.

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