It’s Not Enough to Talk About Change, You HAVE to BE About Change.

Mary Byron left work December 6th, 1993 under the belief that she was safe after being viciously raped and beaten by her ex-boyfriend. You see it was Mary’s 21st birthday and she’d just gotten back to some normalcy after her attack. While she returned to work thinking that her ex-boyfriend was still behind bars, he had actually made bail and was waiting for her to leave work that day. Using the gun he’d purchased, he shot Mary 7 times… leaving only the balloons from her 21st birthday celebration behind…

One year later the VINE system was born to provide early notification and support to women and men affected by intimate personal violence. Mary’s parents soon after started The Mary Byron Project, an organization dedicated to finding an end to to the violence Mary, and thousands of others, suffer and have suffered from in personal relationships.

Now I have an opportunity to be apart of The Mary Byron Project. I’ve started a TEAM and will aim to compete in the upcoming virtual 5k to raise money for other’s like Mary. I’ve talked a lot about having Powerful, Selfless Why’s and Competing for the things that you do. Now I have an opportunity to do both of those.

On October 16th, 2020 I will compete in The Mary Byron Games representing all of my sponsors in the fight against intimate personal violence.

My goal is to raise more than just the $500 dollar target of the project. I don’t want to just raise a few dollars and call it a day. I want to COMPETE, blow away this $500 dollar target, and compete for first place in the 5k Run. I can only achieve that if I have sponsors.

So please, click this link and take a look at my page: Team Joshua

You can contribute as little as $10 dollars and everyone who supports me is going to motivate me to work and train harder and harder leading up to October 16th. Help me do something bigger than I could do on my own as an individual.

Do something selfless and see if you don’t feel better today.

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