How to Make Working Out, Work Out

Today I want to shift gears a little bit and offer some tips and suggestions to help get you started on the right path to working out. If you’ve struggled to get started, if you’ve struggled to get consistent, if you’ve watched those infomercials and thought, “There’s no way in hell….” then I’m with you. And I promise you, anyone, I mean anyone, can follow this plan and get results. No matter the age, limitation, or disability, we can all get better!

I’ve been lifting weights and doing various exercise programs since I was 15 years old, playing high school football. I’ve done P90X and a variety of other lesser known programs over the last 15 years. Yoga, Plyo, Strength Training, Conditioning, Mixed Martial Arts, Track, Football and just all around fitness based activities. Along the way I’ve picked up a few tricks that I want to share.

photo cred: Victor Freitas

My first tip is to start small. So small actually that it really is impossible to say ‘No.’ Whenever I’d fall off of my routine and I needed to get back into the groove of things it was always so difficult to convince myself to go run or go to the gym or go load up my weights and try to complete a 45 minute workout. It was damn near impossible to really convince myself to do those things. But, when I started small, and I mean really small. I could build success day after day.

A good example of this is starting with 1 pushup, 1 sit up, and 1 squat. It takes a total of 30 seconds to do it and if you do it. You’ve suddenly become 1% better. In those 30 seconds it took you to complete that routine, you’ve become 1% better. Better than you were yesterday. I use this trick anytime I fall out of my routine. No matter if I know I can do more, I start small. It all comes down to Little Victories.

My second tip is to do it every day. Consistency is key. We’ve all heard that exercise is important and we should try to get ‘x’ amount of time in for ‘y’ amount of days every week. That’s fine and all but I’ve found the theory of having ‘off’ days from your workout routine tends to make it more difficult for those ‘on’ days.

If I take a day off, it feels so much harder to get back on track the next day. I find that I tend to say, “One more day” or “I’ll skip this day and then I’ll do it the next.” Now, understand that your body needs rest and fuel but you should be rotating your exercise routines every day. So maybe you do 1 pushup, 1 sit up, and 1 squat on Monday, and then on Tuesday you walk to the corner of your block and back. Then on Wednesday you decide to do 1 jumping jack. On Thursday you decide to stretch. Friday is back to 1 pushup, 1 sit up, and 1 squat.

Remember, consistency is key. Your routine should not be the same every day and you should find a nice rotation in your routine. But get your exercise in everyday. Don’t fall into The Lie that you can workout for a day, a week, a month, and then stop and still stay in shape. If you’re going to get in shape or lose weight it has GOT to be consistent and a part of who you are for the rest of your life.

photo cred: Kike Vega

My third tip is to aim to get 1% better every workout. If last week you did 1 pushup, this week do 2. If last week you did 2 pushups, this week do 3. If last week you walked to the corner of your block, this week walk to the corner plus one more step. Every workout you should try to push more. If you don’t push more, if you don’t get your 1% better, then all that work leading up to that point was worthless. What’s the point of doing 1 pushup everyday? Don’t go into your workout with the mindset that you’re going to waste your own time. Get 1% better.

My final tip is to start today. Start right now. Read this article, put down your phone, get up and

Do 1 push up.

Do 1 sit up.

Do 1 squat.

And then you can sit back down. Tomorrow, do 1% more.

10 thoughts on “How to Make Working Out, Work Out”

  1. Well, I started. Bicep curls and other arm weight excercises and a one minute plank. That’s all I could do! Lol. Can’t do legs yet other than stairs. I hurt my knee moving furniture.

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