Little Victories

While searching for how the most successful people manage their day-to-day lives I’ve uncovered quite a bit. I’ve learned that they have powerful motivators and powerful Why’s that push them to do what they do. I’ve learned that they feel, not just motivated, but that they HAVE to do what they do. But I’ve also learned that they weren’t born this way. That it wasn’t something that they were blessed with but rather something that they built.

The highly successful aren’t a special breed of people or any different than the rest of us. They’ve just figured out all the tricks to create a highly successful life. Sometimes they’ve figured these tricks out subconsciously and other times it was deliberately but the process for all of them is the same. It’s the process I’m adopting right now. It’s what’s pushing me to wake up at 4 AM, run 2 miles, quit smoking, write daily, and achieve my own goals.


And it all starts with Little Victories…

Little tiny wins is the secret sauce. It’s about taking 1 single step forward, every single day.

If you have goals to workout more and improve your diet then the best way to accomplish them is with Little Victories. Often times, just showing up, is 95% of the battle and if you can keep your dreams big but your I HAVE To list small, you can achieve these Little Victories.

photo cred: Ariel

Start by doing 1 push up, 1 sit up, and 1 squat every day for a week. And then on week 2, move to doing 2 push ups, 2 sit ups, and 2 squats. Don’t worry about where you’re going to go with this, keep your eyes on the Little Daily Victories and go out and Compete on them.

If your goal is to write, start by writing 1 sentence every day for a week. Sit down, Make Time during your day to work on this goal, and achieve this Little Victory. And then next week, write 2 sentences, then 3, then 4, keep pushing yourself everyday and every week to achieve the next Little Victory.

Maybe you don’t really care for exercise or writing but you have a great new idea you want to achieve. Maybe it’s something you want to build or work towards but it’s not as easy to say, “okay I’ll do 1 more today.” If that’s the case, set your Little Victory to something that makes sense. Maybe it’s to just sit down at your computer and brainstorm. Maybe it’s to go and measure out the dimensions of what you’re building. Or maybe it’s to ask that person how their day is going for that relationship you want to improve.


It doesn’t really matter what it is or what you’re working towards. If you want to get it done this is the way. If you think you’re going to wake up tomorrow and suddenly be a new person about it, you’re wrong. I know because I’ve tried it. It doesn’t work. What you need to build are a set of Little Victories.

Tiny little mental trophies that give you recognition for what you’ve already accomplished and start to build confidence towards what you want to achieve.

Build yourself one bad ass mental trophy case and start filling it with Little Victories.

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